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Monday, September 26, 2011

Lightening Up

"Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are."
~Chinese Proverb~

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Since I wrote this post last week, I've really been noticing what feels heavy in my life/in my head/in my home/in my heart.  I decided to dump all of this heaviness on to paper, in the form of a list.  It turned out to be a very long list, ranging from things that are bugging/irritating me, like the dirty car & the disorganized closets, to bigger things that have been weighing on me for decades; like this nagging, urgent feeling of needing to figure out what my "calling" is.  It felt like relief to get all of the heavy thoughts/shoulds/fears out of my head, on to paper.  

And then I started "tackling" some of those things.  I started with the dirty car.  As soon as I got the vacuum & Armor All out, I felt some relief.  And, while cleaning my car, I kept thinking about how much easier it was to actually clean the car than to think about cleaning the car.   I then made a phone call that I had been putting off for weeks. Again, much easier to do than to feel the burden of not doing.  

Notes/reminders to Self...

*If it's heavy & weighing on me, bring it to the light and ask:  what can I do about this?  Often, just writing it down or getting rid of it (clutter) or finally doing it, frees up all kinds of space in my jumbled up mind and opens up space for the fresh & new

*If I don't yet know what to do about it, I can turn it over/let it go/surrender it to a power greater than little me...there is so much relief that comes when I stop trying to figure it out with the perspective of my little-ant mind.  Often as soon as I let go of the trying, all kinds of clarity/inspiration rushes in, all on its very own

*The anxiety pretty much always comes when I start thinking I should be somewhere other than where I am or that things should be different than what they are.  Or I should be different from who I am.  When I return to a place of gratitude & trust that all is exactly as it should be, relief/release comes

*Love for self comes first.  When I feel drained/depleted/anxious/weighted down, I must fill my own well first. It is from this place of fullness that I will give the best of me to others

*One thing at a time.  Breathe.  Open.  Listen.  Stop pushing.  I can always handle what's right in front of's when my mind takes off in to the future or skips back to the past that things get overwhelming & shaky.  Just come back to RIGHT NOW.  All is well here.

So, I'm feeling a bit lighter...still plenty of shedding to go but one thing at a time.  

How about you?  Is there anything that you're gripping on to? Anything you're wanting to let go of?  I'd love it if you shared here--getting it out feels so good.  Consider it the first step in lightening the load/releasing/letting go.  Even the trees are doing it.

P.S:  I will be absent for a guy & I are taking off, heading all the way to the east coast for a wedding.   I'll be back in a week or so.  



  1. Hi Julia : )

    Such a great post, as always. It's true that just taking action is really such good medicine. I was feeling off lately and I often found myself filling my head with thoughts of all the things that i wasn't doing and should be. (Those darn shoulds!!) One of them was going to the gym. I find whenever I've strayed from a habit, there is so much resistance in me to start it again, but once I get over it, the feeling of returning is wonderful.

    Thank you for this post. I will be making my own list today!


    p.s. your wedding isn't in New Jersey by any chance, is it? Because I'm going to a wedding there on Friday...

  2. I love it! Gretchen Rubin talks about this very action in her book "The Happiness Project". Doing the thing instead of thinking about doing the thing makes for quick happiness. Love seeing lightness emerge for you Julia.
    Take care!

  3. Hi Sweets! I just ADORE you. I hope you have a fabulous time at the wedding. Weddings are fun. Yes, there are things nagging at me, some of which I can begin to handle. First on the list is the overflowing basket of folded laundry that I am living out of since the change of seasons- really small closets, no dresser (wah!) the clothes are out of control. I will be making a list today too- you are such an inspiration to me. Blowing you kisses.

  4. great post...something I have been struggling with lately, which I believe has caused me to be not as creative as I usually am. I am off to jump in to doing things - one thing at a time though!

  5. So much inspiration here..and truth in the life lessons we learn everyday. Just doing it..instead of thinking so much about whether we should..or shouldn't...and finding happiness in that.

  6. I am working on this today and I've been struggling with it lately. Thank you for the lovely reminder.

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