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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Finding the Words

Where are the words, she asked

and why don't they come out all sparkly clear 
and clean, like hers 
or his
why must i work so hard to shine
my shine
when all I want is to 

like the ancient oak
to open 
my wings
like those cormorants do

Why, rather than sailing with 
the current
must i turn my back on it
when all I want, all I've forever wanted
is to empty the fullness of me 
like the sky empties rain

a torrential downpour 

that leaves us quenched 
and drenched 
and blissfully basking in
the mind-blowing Glory
of You


  1. Have you ever been to a Kirtan? I cry every time, overwhelmed by the truth and love pouring out. The same is with your poetry. It is spirit pouring through you and out into the world. I always want to cry when I read it- I'm always touched.

    You are beautiful.

  2. Why? she says, as her words pour out in utter beauty and truth, can't I find the right words? hee, hee. I love the irony of that smoke-veil that wafts up and keeps us from seeing our awesomeness, and how easily it is blown away and out into oblivion, never to be heard of again--unless of course, we are ready for another big does of love, love, love.


  3. This poem is beautiful, Julia. Now, dance with whatever steps come naturally and let your rain fly all around. What's next? Beauty! When? Beginning now.

    Sending love!

  4. This is absolutely stunning, Julia! And so true to how I have often felt...

    Thank you...

    PS Can I use it on Carry It Forward?

  5. "Where are the words, she asked.." and I say right there,(pointing to your heart)from within you, right where you left them for safe keeping until they were ready to pour forth, onto this page, right now; erasing the distance between your heart and mine.

    "and why don't they come out all sparkly clear and clean, like hers or his." (she asks) and I say because you aren't him or her and the stories you were brought here to tell are yours - the words were meant to come out as only you can speak them or write them or paint them from the center of your life, your soul, your life.

    "why must i work so hard to shine my shine, she asks" and I say, I don't know, because to me, you are like Christmas, inherently filled with the shine and sparkle of a hundred thousand twinkling lights and stars; sacred in the season of you.


  6. Julia,

    You shine your shine.
    Your words are bright.
    You are Enough


  7. so beautiful, Julia...the words and your heart.


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