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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Let Go & Let Love

"What moves creation?  Certainly not your little person.  When you paint, you discover who is really there under the polished surface of your beliefs.  Your energy is connected to a greater energy.  You step out of your hiding place into a larger reality, because you open yourself to the unknown experience.  You connect with the background of life, and at moments your boundaries dissolve.  You become one with the movement of all things." ~  Michele Cassou (from her amazing book Life, Paint & Passion)

"Let Go & Let Love"
 Acrylic on canvas--original available in my Etsy shop
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So.  Over the last few days, each time I've thought about introducing you to this little one, I've gotten all jittery inside--I feel that way right now too.  I've completely, tenderly fallen for this sweet little birdie--she feels so close to home, she feels like a friend that I want to love and nurture and protect.  But she's assuring me, in her sweet, clear little voice, that she can handle herself just fine and is ready to fly out into the world.

Like every painting that I paint, she's whispered little truths along the way. She reminded me that when I get out of the way, the sweetest kind of love will be there to meet me, to greet me, to turn me toward the light.  She reminded me that when things get messy and I have no idea how to fix them, to let go/surrender/turn it over.  She reminded me that, rather than trying to fix, to simply be soft and open--to allow the magic to come to me & through me. To Trust the process, the "mistakes," the timing.  To become absolutely present and take it one gentle step at a time.  Just one.  To believe in something greater than little me me.

There was a point in the process of painting her that I almost stopped.  I envisioned her being shoved in the cabinet with dozens of my other paintings that were abandoned mid-process.  But then I remembered what my dear friend Lori wrote once about how, even her paintings, go through an "ugly/messy" stage and it kept me going and breathing and trusting.  In Lori's words:

I felt a boatload of fear when I was making the painting above.  That painting went through this horrific ugly phase that made me want to run away from it and never finish it.  It was on such a huge canvas that the ugly phase took so long to get through to the other side.  I knew this painting was teaching me what I am ready to learn- to persevere through fear, to trust, to believe in something greater then myself.

The message I am getting lately, over and over and over again, is to LET GO and LET LOVE.  

Thank you. little birdie, for showing me what that looks like, for showing me how incredibly liberating, how bright and beautiful things can be when I actually listen, let go and TRUST.  This is the way I aspire to live every breath of my life.


  1. Oh, Julia! I love your little birdie and the journey he has taken you on. I want to cup him in my hands and pet him tenderly, and then just stare at how all of the colors make his feathers look so beautiful, and how they all come together and create such a display. I love Love. I love your birdie. I love letting go. I love you.

  2. Oh my dear friend, this little birdie has captured my heart. She sings to my soul. I LOVE her. And I LOVE you!!

    Let go...let love.

  3. thank you for sharing this!
    she is beautiful and she has an amazing message for us all

  4. Oh Julia...
    This birdie is so innocently beautiful, tiny yet strong, and pure beauty. I love her, and I love your message today. It is *just what I need to focus on* - let go, and let love.
    Thank you

  5. WOW! How did I not know you had an Etsy store? I'm so swoony in love with your bird, and your donkey and your trees and your dog and your breathe painting... well, you, I guess.

    And this post is so wonderful because it speaks to the artistic process - not just for painters but for writers and poets and performers... all of us, trying to silence our critics and lean into uncertainty in the hopes that we can make something truly beautiful and worthy.

    You did!

  6. I LOVE your little bird. She is beautiful. Thank you for having the courage to share her with us.

  7. sweet dear,
    your birdie is
    just enough.
    as she is.
    i love her.

  8. I adore your little bird! Oh my goodness Julia! I want one on a pendant!!! She stands for all the things that are in my heart right now, as a matter of fact if my heart were a bird it would be your little chirpy bird Julia;)
    You're such a soul artist...I love all the dabs of color and the movement.
    Sending my love today!!

  9. Julia,

    I love your sweet and brave little birdie.

    Are you going to fly her over the brave girls, “a little birdie told me” .... so she can spread your Truth?


  10. That. little. bird. I feel the energy of that sweet little dear thing. Thank you Julia. I love growing with you. Much love.


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