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Monday, October 31, 2011

Six Days In

"Sometimes to have a beautiful, alive life, requires a willingness to be devastatingly frightened and confused. Magic comes from vulnerability and exploration, not from having guarantees up front. The juice comes from making things up--not from following a path that has been set down before us. Exhilaration doesn’t come cheap."
  ~Tama Kieves

Photographer unknown

Hello, beautiful, lovely ones,
First, I want to say how much I've appreciated hearing from so many of you, many of you who are doing your own 41creative/dream play. It seriously makes my day to receive your comments and emails--I feel such a sense of expansion when I learn of the beauty you are creating on your end.  So, thank you so much for taking the time to connect & share.

I love the above words written by Tama Kieves--magic comes from vulnerability and exploration, not from having guarantees up front.  As vulnerable as it has felt to sit down to create with no real agenda, it also feels beautifully invigorating and magical.  Even though I've only committed to 30 minutes daily (15 minutes for art/ creativity & 15 minutes to playing with the creation of my book), once I sit down and begin, I find I become absorbed & invigorated and I almost always end up creating for longer (showing me that my resistance has truly been in the showing up part).  So, my setting this intention has been a very good thing.  There have been so many moments over the last six days when there were dozens of really good reasons for me to skip my creating time (tiredness, {seemingly} lack of time, children who thought they needed my attention right now, general life stuff)--but I've shown up anyway.  

I don't know where any of this is going but this showing up for myself and trusting the process feels so so good.  I am learning that absolutely everything is connected, everything.  When I come to my creative time open & ready to receive and connect deeply,  when I take the time to nurture myself by doing what I love, when I let go of trying to be good/trying to control the outcome, and just show up for my art, I show up more alive and whole and free in every aspect of my life.   

I'll take aliveness over guarantees any day.  The juice comes from making things up-not from following a path that has been set down before us--how true I'm finding this to be.

I would love to hear how you're doing.



  1. Miss Julia, you are inspiring me. I've been away for 11 days now. We had to head out of town to MA and with the unexpected blizzard we got stranded. I've been in a creative limbo during this time. It's been as though I don't dare commit to writing with all this other crazy activity around me.
    Anyway, I will leave here at 2:30AM for a 5AM flight out of Boston. Once I get settled in at home I intend to re-read these posts and show up for some spontaneous writing. I really am excited Julia. You are such an inspiration. Um...I need to show up at the gym wouldn't happen to have a spell or anything to make that easier would you? I didn't think so. *grin
    Love & Hugs!!!

  2. Creating.
    Seeing the world through the camera lens.
    A little bit of something creative each day.
    Loving every minute...

  3. Ineed to catch up on some posts, and work on the showing up part. sorry I have not been around much...think of you often. happy November.

  4. Julia,
    Sweet, sweet woman. Ah, you are such a light.
    Here are just some of the things I have been up to...

    Second women's circle is tonight :)
    First women's circle in another town is tomorrow...
    Gym with Nige, who is in the final stages of prepping for his exam...
    Making homemade cards for Nige's dad's 80th birthday... it was a lovely act of remembrance yesterday to do that for him...
    Finished the 30 day challenge. What a month!
    Dreaming and visioning for 2012...

    Love you

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