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Thursday, October 13, 2011



This Soul Talk felt especially raw & real.  So many tender feelings, so much that is trying to drop away, so much richness.  

It's been quite a ride lately. In this wide open conversation, beautiful Alia & I attempt to put words to what's been stirring (a lot).  I hope you will join us--it's so much better with you right here.

With love,

Julia & Alia

CLEARING THE SHIT:  Soul Talk # 4, October 12, 2011

***Listen now on the player above (click the arrow) or right-click HERE to download Soul Talks for listening later.

P.S:  Click HERE if you'd like to read a little more about Soul Talks and/or to listen to some of our earlier conversations.


  1. Dear Julia and Alia (AKA The Shit Shifters)
    How sweet of you to send your voices across the miles, defying time and limits, just to be here with me in Florida. It was great to put your voices with your faces. The two of you are a pair of no-nonsense spiritual warriors. I love how you lay it down so plain and simple…snipping away all the fancy dressings so that we can benefit from your bravery.

    I believe in raw honesty in order to edify. How can we help one another if we’re hiding? I know that some people are afraid to share their issues, they don’t want to make you their dumping ground, but it’s better to be a dumping ground than a burial ground. We need to open up to each other.

    I try not to edit myself too much when I write my blog, but sometimes, when I remember that my mother-in-law reads it, I find myself adding some sugar on the shit pile in order to make it more palatable;)

    Thank you for taking the time and effort to put this wonderful audio blog together. I enjoyed it immensely. XOXOXO

  2. Leah...

    The SHIT SHIFTERS--I LOVE IT! We might just have to claim that title!

    I so appreciate you coming here & leaving a bit of yourself behind, how much richer it is when we take the time to connect. Thank you.

    So happy you enjoyed the talk.

    I can so relate to what you said about adding sugar to the shit pile--that can be very necessary too, of course. What is shit without sugar? What is sugar without shit?

    You're awesome & I'm so very glad we've connected. Cheers!



  3. OH!!! I cannot wait to listen to this today. I swear you could be talking about just literal shit and nothing else and I would be so happy to hear your voices and feel your energy through my computer! haha Loving you big today.

  4. I totally agree that petting a cat can help us refocus, get in the moment, and feel loved! I could just see the cat on Julia's lap... how fun!

    I just read "The Gifts of Imperfection" by Dr. Brene Brown (of It fits in with all that you said here, at least to me. We need connections, face to face, heart to heart connections. Many of us can count on one hand the number of people who have come into our lives and been that safe place where we could tell all, where we could be heard and not judged. That kind of friend who is there no matter what.

    Even so, it is so easy edit ourselves and try to be what we think others expect - rather than being who we really are.

    I love your soul talks, no matter how long! Thank you for doing this.

  5. I am just taking in all the beauty here.

    Leah, your words rang so true within my heart just now. Thank you for listening all the way in Florida (where I grew up!). I certainly can relate to adding sugar to the shit.

    The shit-shifters...hehe...that's us.

    Lori, I am cracking up over here. Loving you dearly.

    Deb...thank you so much for listening and sharing. I want to get that book from Brene Brown! We're limited here in Bali when it comes to books but I am going to intend that one to fall out of the sky somehow. :)

    Julia, as always, I am so grateful for you, our friendship, this beautiful sacred space you have created, and simply for being YOU!

  6. Dearest Shit Shifters (!! - I demand a new column in a national magazine!)

    Okay, where do I begin? Firstly, I am *thrilled* that this Soul Talk was longer - I got more time to hang out with you both! You won't have known this when you recorded it, but you actually accompanied me on a journey to a Goddess Gathering last night, and I soaked up every single word.

    I resonate so much with you both, with what you spoke about, with the desire to cut the bull and get real, clear the crap, name it, explore it, be with it and allow it to just ... BE. Women everywhere are calling out for this. I'm starting a Red Tent women's circle on Tuesday and there is already demand for two more in different towns. So something massive is shifting now, and I'm allowing myself to be the catalyst.

    I am also being with the call to start an online circle for women.

    So... THANK YOU for illuminating what so many of us are afraid of naming. The light shines on it and there is nothing to fear.

    Love always
    Elloa xx

  7. Julia,

    I loved spending part of my Sunday with you and Alia, It was so wonderful to have your beautiful voices and inspiring words in my home.

    I related to your words on so many levels. Yes, there is something big happening and it will happen so much faster, so much more authentic if we can just clear the shit and get to where we want to be.

    Thanks so much for being such a beautiful inspiration.

  8. I cannot believe I have not listened to this yet!!! I will, it is tabbed and ready to go. The next time I paint I will be painting with you and Alia. What a blessing.

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