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Monday, November 7, 2011

Do You Dare?

Hello, lovely ones,

I'm sitting here in the cozy and quiet of my living room, watching the rain and leaves fall, listening to my sweet kitty purring beside me, breathing in the scent of vanilla-sandalwood that is coming from the burning candle next to me, taking deep appreciative breaths of it all.

Below is a little blurb from the pages of words that came rushing quietly through during my 2:00 am burst a few mornings ago.

Are you willing, in the name of Truth, to be unliked, unloved
Are you willing to feel trembly afraid, to be shaky-voiced and not ready
and to say yes anyway
Are you willing to take bold leaps and jumps from one flame to the next
tell me, are you willing
Do you dare?

There were many more words that came out with these--I will share more soon....

*   *   *

*Today is day thirteen of my 41 days and so much beauty is surfacing.  There were many moments last week when I was so completely resisting myself and the nagging mind voices were getting the best of me. It was a serious effort to get myself to simply begin but I kept showing up anyway. And consistently I noticed that once I began, I relaxed into the moment (mostly) and sunk into the process.  I found myself drawing with pen and pencil, painting a little, taking photographs of all the light I could find, rolling sushi rolls...things I most likely would not have done had I not made my declaration here.  The drawing above was meditative--it felt so good to just sink into the process and allow what wanted to come through to come through.

*   *   *

On another note...I had the honor of being a guest over at Jodi Chapman's beautiful, soulful blog, Soul Speak.  Please stop by and say hello!


  1. i dare! i dare!
    & what is this gorgeous art?!
    i love her! xox

  2. Love these words... And I am in. All in, even as I shake a little.

    And I love, love, love that drawing, Miss J!

    And you...

  3. Oh, isn't t it all too easy to for those nagging voices to turn into a choir of critics?

    So glad for you that you showed up. And we get to see the fruits of your labor. Love the illustration. Keep declaring! :)

  4. Julia, you're so faithful in this, and brave too. The blessed benefits are all around you, dripping and honey! I'm so enjoying your journey, picking up treasures all along the way and inspired by it all.

  5. Hello Julia, I came across your blog serendipitously and am so glad I did. Your words are beautiful! I'll definitely be be back.

  6. Hello Julia, I came across your blog serendipitously and am so glad I did. Your words are beautiful! I'll be be back.

  7. oh, I see this drawing. I LOVE THIS DRAWING. HOLY CRAP IT IS SO COOL!


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