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Monday, November 28, 2011

From Head to Heart....11 Ways to Shift

"Whenever a habitual no to life turns into a yes, whenever you allow this moment to be as it is, you dissolve time as well as ego."   Eckhart Tolle

"Peace is Right Here"
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It feels hard to face the blank page after several days of not being here.  Of course, that is because my mind is throwing out all of its bad advice and refuses to allow me to begin.  Beginning is always the toughest part, I find. But then, soon, words start to appear and it doesn't seem quite so daunting as before when the page was all white and wide open.  

As I've been hopping from one blog to the next this morning, hoping inspiration would find me or that I would find it, I decided to open my own notebook to see if there was something there that would quiet all the mind noise that's going on here.  What I found is below...

From Head to Heart....11 Ways to Shift

1)  Find the gifts.  In every single situation, in every person, in every moment there are gifts to be found...when I shift my focus from what feels wrong to what is right, when I shift my focus from lack to abundance, heaviness lifts--lightness settles in.  No matter how "bad" things may appear, there are always gifts to be found.  Making a gratitude list, looking around and appreciating all that IS is the quickest way to shift from heady funkiness to light-hearted abundance
2)  Get intensely present. Come back to what is right here in front of me.  Let go of all thoughts and settle into what is right here.  It is the thoughts that take me away from the beauty that is right here, right now.
3)  Become the observer.  Remember that I am not my thoughts. I am the quiet presence that observes/watches my thoughts.
4)  Begin.  Just begin.  Whatever it is that I am wanting but resisting, just take a baby step in the direction of that desire.  Just one step in the direction of what is calling me
5)  Trust in WHAT IS. Know that everything is exactly as it should be. Know that it's all happen FOR me not To me
6)  Get still.  Breathe.  Listen to the quiet places inside
7)  Move.  Get outside in nature and MOVE my body.  Tuning into the beauty/simplicity/strength of the natural world...always helps me to get out of my head & into the present moment
8)  Create & Lighten up.  Draw, paint, write, color, play with clay, sing, dance..giggle, read or watch something silly...creating & giggling always shifts things
9)  Love Yourself.  Do something loving/nurturing/pampering for yourself 
10) Talk/Connect with a friend.  It always helps so much to know that I am not alone in any of this
11)  Give.  Ask, what can I give in this moment?  I love these words written by Eckhart Tolle:  You cannot receive what you don't give.  Outflow determines inflow.  Whatever you think the world is withholding from you, you already have, but unless you allow it to flow out, you won't even know that you have it.  Ask yourself often:  'What can I give here; how can I be of service to this person, this situation?' there.  I have to say, once again, that I have shown myself that the answers are always within, that nothing whatsoever outside of me needs to change in order for me to find Peace.  When I shift out of my past/future/fear-based thoughts and drop into my heart, the sun shines. Such a beautiful thing.

P.S:  Today is day 34 of 41 Days of Creative/Dream Play!  How did this many days go by?  The above drawing is one of the many that I've created during this time.  It's been a beautiful process in letting go and allowing magic to flow through.  


  1. LOVE your art!!! So beautiful and full of life. Hugs

  2. your art is POWERFUL!! mind boggling BEAUTIFUL GORGEOUS!
    inspired! it is all the pretty words! i love it deepdeep much!
    i want it next to me all night long! wow, darlin'!!!!!!
    love you so! xox

  3. the drawing is breathtaking. i adore her...and your list is so timely..i am making notes in my journal so i don't forget:)

  4. Holy crap! I love your drawing! HELLO! R U KIDDING ME? ARE YOU SEEING HOW AMAZING IT IS?!

  5. Wow. I've been dreaming images like this. Nd here it beautiful.

    Thank you.

  6. Always within...

    Wow! I'm wishing we would have spent time looking at your drawings during our visit! This is amazing!!

    Love you.

  7. I love this list. I'm printing it as a reminder to myself. Every single thing you wrote is true for me... especially the effect of nature on my soul. And... holy shit! Your picture. If I could draw like you, I'd probably not bother with words. ;)


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