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Monday, December 5, 2011

Day 41! of Creative/Dream Play

"To meet your passion you must jump naked into the deep waters of the unknown.  It is an act of love and trust.  You paint what is given to you, as it comes, never avoiding, postponing, or bargaining.  You listen carefully inside, entering the mystery, moving toward the real, learning to be where you are."  Michele Cassou

"Be You"

 Those of you who have been following along here for a while might know that, for the last 41 days, I have been playing with creativity...and what a ride it's been.  

I'm not sure yet how to put words to what this process has been for me, I think it's all too close right now...with a little distance, clarity and understanding will come--it always does. 

For now, I'll leave you with my "Be You" birdie and just say I've been jumping "naked into the deep waters of the unknown"  and moving closer to what is Real.  It's been liberating and tender and shaky and many things I can't yet put into words.  For all of you who have been here by my side through the wildness of it all, thank you!  It has meant everything.

I hope that today you are intensely aware of how beautiful it is to be YOU.


  1. Julia,

    I LOVE your "be you birdie." Thanks for sharing your journey. I don't comment often enough, but I'm a frequent and grateful visitor to your blog.

  2. Thank you, Miriam...I so appreciate you taking the time to connect.

    Sending love,


  3. Ok so I believe this might be my favorite painting that you have done, so beautiful :) We should have an art session when I come in February, that would be a lot of fun!
    Love you xoxo

  4. being naked/being "you",
    if it looks like this bird,
    sure is beautiful.

  5. your blog is lovely!! i would love to follow you! feel free to follow me as well :)

  6. "I hope that today you are intensely aware of how beautiful it is to be YOU."

    For that, and for everything else that you are - thank you, Julia. I am so glad to hear that everything is going beautifully for you - even if the words aren't there yet. Words developed after emotions and often fail to fully capture them, don't they?

    Much love,

  7. You, and this birdie, are so lovely! Loving yet another window into your creative play!!

  8. When I'm rich (and famous because, you know, one can dream), I'm going to decorate my house in your art. xo

  9. I am so grateful for you. This birdie has spoken to my soul today, softly reminding me that all I "need" to do is be ME.

    Loving you dearly.

  10. Julia,

    I have also been jumping "naked into the deep waters of the unknown” with my art. So much newness and beauty.

    So happy to be sharing this journey with you.

    Congrats on your 41 days.


  11. Wow! What a be-autiful bird, Julia! And that quote - I'm sneaking it off and adding it to my stash. So true.

    It's been wonderful to watch you - and join you, most days, as you bloom even more into all the creative joy you bring to the world.

    Thank you. Love to you...

  12. Oh how I love this birdy! It's so beautiful, as is its message.

    sending you a great big hug tonight, beautiful Julia. xoxo

  13. Wow - I really love this painting. Your color use is incredible. Go girl, go!

  14. i too have gone to magic places and found more of my amazing self during these 41 days....and I hope to keep 15 minutes of juicy art play or valuable "working" to support my art business each day!....right now that is mainly holiday commissions and calendar orders....but whenever I can I sneak in a wild glitter glue, fabric scrap, scissors and paper christmas craft session with my girls!

    thank you so much for your inspiration and companionship on this important journey

    i too love that bright and bold bird!



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