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Thursday, December 8, 2011


dance by Sissel Annett
dance, originally uploaded by Sissel Annett


I love you

because you're here
because our feet kiss the same ground
because when you find your roar
your roar finds me

I love you
because you ache and giggle
because you don’t always get it "right"
because when it pours
we both get drenched

I love you with my whole wide singing heart
because in your eyes I See
you think you're not

I love you
because I meet myself
in the furrow of your brow
because in the curve of your smile
I smile too

Take my hand, let's roam
let's pause 
at the edge of the stream
no wants
no words
no worries
just the Light in you dancing
with the Light
that is me

I dedicate this poem to my young Aunt May who took her own life because she couldn't see her own Light.  

I dedicate it to all who breathe and ache and forget.  My deepest desire in all the world is that we will all wake up and remember.


  1. This brings tears to my eyes. So, so beautiful, Julia.

  2. Julia - I cried during your beautiful poem even before I read your dedication. I know your sweet aunt can hear you and receive this.

  3. Julia - I cried during your beautiful poem even before I read your dedication. I know your sweet aunt can hear you and receive this.

  4. This was beautiful and heart opening. My eyes were misty and something in my gut opened and dropped at the resonance of such truth.

    I just want us to all wake up and see how we are all just pure love. Thank you for waking me up with this post.

    Thank you, friend, for your light, and for your never-ending wish that love be all there is. Love you.

  5. Dear, dear Julia,

    I wanted to write something in response to this gorgeous and moving post of yours, but Brooke said it all so perfectly.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing with me , supporting me, and leading me in the "never-ending wish that love be all there is". Such perfect words I haven't seen in a long time.

    Endless love to you.

  6. Such a beatufully heartfelt poem that speaks such truth. When I read the dedication it brought tears to my eyes. It's so very sad when someone feels there is no other way out. I hope she can hear your loving thoughts through this poem.
    Love you my sisiter. xoxo

  7. This may be my favorite thing you've written.

    I love you.

  8. I'm absolutely speechless. So beautiful! I cried before I even read your dedication. So beautiful!

  9. Yes. This is just exquisite, Julia, and speaks to many beyond May...

    Thank you.

  10. I nod in recognition, I salute your devotion, your commitment in bringing this subject to the light.
    I adore the forgiveness, you give her, the blessing that this was her path and the letting go I know this was in no way - easy.
    thank you for sharing - this is raw,ugly,painful honest. risks more every time you choose to open.

    I do believe that she knew your love and acceptance. I am often taken to a line from the movie ' the Big Chill ' not quite verbatim - a statement made, that there was something about him that was just too good for this world
    I am sure that you writing this will help someone to take a step back and reconsider. Depression has been a part of my life for five decades - acknowledged or not :) I am receiving and accepting Help now.
    Thank you. Please take special care of yourself Cry when you need to & please do not stuff. :)

    jo miller

  11. Beautiful people, your words are so heart opening...thank you for taking the time to connect. I so appreciate each of you.

    With love,


  12. Julia, this poem was glorious. I felt myself joining in the dance and smiling right along with you. How beautiful of you to sweep me off my feet when I was least expecting it.
    Sending extra love and hugs today.


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