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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Another Step Out of My "Comfort" Zone

I'm not sure what made me need to do this today, but here it is--a short, 8 minute (and 38 seconds) audio of me trying to put my scattered thoughts into words.  Totally unedited (because I have no idea how to edit).  Totally out of my comfort zone...but that's just perfect, I've decided.  I'm not sure if figuring out how to create this was more out of my comfort zone (it seriously feels like a miracle that I somehow pulled this off!) or the sharing of it.  Those of you who know me well know that anything technical is quite a challenge for me.  But, I'm thinking the discomfort was quite worth it because look...I made this!  I'm thinking there will be many more...

One more thing that I feel compelled to say is this...I think it's funny that we call it the "comfort" zone...isn't it incredibly uncomfortable to hold ourselves back from the life that is calling us?  Perhaps we need a new term for this...

And another thing....this doing things differently really is a good thing.

*If you have headphones, I recommend putting them on (the volume is a little on the low side).


"What if you let your soul run your life instead of your mind? What if you stopped being so careful? What if you weren’t militant with yourself, but instead soft as butter. A small voice inside is trying to get your attention. It’s trying to burst through conditioning. You are royalty and prophecy. You have talents like no other. You will never know yourself while you refuse yourself."     - Tama Kieves

P.S:  J and I (and a whole bunch of other beauties) are having so much fun with our 6-word days...come join us here


  1. oh i so enjoyed this. thank you julia xoxo

  2. happy your enjoyed it. :) It was actually quite fun! And so good to do something brand new.

    Sending you love,


  3. Julia,

    Good for you for just grabbing the technology by the horns and going for a wild ride. You are such an inspiration!

    Keep going!

    1. Miriam, thank you. Your words mean so much.

      Love to you,


  4. Ramblings? I think not! When I hear that word I think of disjointed thoughts. This was more in the line of "musings" for me, or maybe even "ponderings". I didn't expect to enjoy the audio but I did. got me thinking. I've experienced the need for outside validation (far too often, really), even to the point of considering it more valuable than my own opinions. For me, I think it came from being taught as a child that "self" is not important, that to have pride or even confidence in yourself is vain and egotistical, and that one must always sacrifice the self. As I look back on those teachings I see that there was good intent in what my parents and society were attempting to impart but the logic was skewed. To believe that others are more important than the self does not create a world filled with caring, compassionate people. It creates people that are fearful, paralyzed, and depressed. Shining light out into the world is only possible if we can see our own light first, nurture it, tend it, then we are able to share it. Negating our own joy and creative spark because of fear of "what others will say" is a worldwide problem and it's time we try to fix it. Blogs like yours, Julia, are helping to do just that. Thank you!

    1. Dear Alison,

      Ah...thank you so much for your thoughtful words. I agree with everything you say here. These words made me pause and take a deep breath...

      "Shining light out into the world is only possible if we can see our own light first, nurture it, tend it, then we are able to share it."

      So, so very true.

      And I couldn't agree more that this is a worldwide problem & that it's time to fix it.

      Thanks so much for being here,


    2. I have to agree with Alison's comment. I don't think I could say it better. Your blog, Julia, indeed helps us all, simply because you tell the truth. Thank you for that.

    3. This means everything to me, Deb. Thank you.

  5. I also agree with Alison and love her words. Thank you Julia for sharing. I too am trying to get out of my comfort zone. My goal this year is to let my light shine and not to worry about what others think. I want to live an authentic life. You are an insiration!

    1. Thank you for warming my heart today, Dawn--it's been kind of a rough morning and your words truly make a difference.

      With love,


  6. Julia,

    I loved hearing your voice, your words, and your beautiful energy.

    I LOVE who you. I LOVE what you are doing.
    Be proud, my friend.


  7. You are so brave, my friend. I just love you! Keep on letting in the light, because dammit, we have to learn that it isn't going to burn!

    1. No, it isn't going to burn. I can see all of our gorgeous fires burning freely together--so warm and lovely.

      Thank you for always being here, Brooke. You are a treasure.

  8. ... at the expense of our aliveness, at the expense of our joy, at the expense of living our best life... I never thought of it this way Julia. It does make a whole lot of sense though and definitely hits home for me. Thank you for stepping out of your comfort zone and doing this recording for us. As others have said, you are very inspiring. I find that the most inspiring people are those who feel the fear and do it anyway. Because it is something I can relate to. Thank you for this and thank you for being you.

    1. Ginette, your words are precious to me this evening. So happy this resonated.

      Here's to living our very best lives!

      With love,


  9. It is so good to hear your voice this morning, my dear friend. Thank you for your courage, your Love, your Truth. Always here on this path with you...
    I love you.

  10. Beautiful Alia, it is such a joy and a comfort to have you right here.

    Big hugs to you, my dear friend,


  11. Julia,

    First off, thank you so much for stopping by my blog. It brightens my day to read your words there : )

    Now, to get to the heart of it - this post and your recording, oh I just love them! It is amazing how in line we are with one another! Oh my goodness, when you were talking about how every time you don't do something that you want to do, but that feels scary, it "deadens" you - that is exactly how I feel. Exactly. And I do it all the time lately. I feel that way all the time! It's driving me mad.
    I've also recently acknowledged that a huge fear that I want to let go of, and feel I am finally ready to let go of is the fear of not being "good enough". I have spent my whole life, as far back as I can remember, wanting other people's approval. You just completely hit home on this: "being approved of takes priority over everything else". But doesn't it really come down to love? Isn't approval equated to love in our mind? And isn't love the last thing that we would want to live without? We're willing to sacrifice everything else for the hope and chance that we will be loved. So I say, can we then make it so that all the love we need is already within us? All the love we need already comes from ourselves, so that then any other love we receive is just a beautiful bonus? I'd like to believe that this could happen.

    What are your thoughts? I would so love to hear a soul talk with you and Alia about this!

    So much love and gratitude and beautiful connection with you Julia... xx

    1. Grace. Whew! Everything you say here rings with resonance. I absolutely agree that it all comes down to Love--that love is what we all want more than anything. And I absolutely know that if we stop searching for it outside of ourselves, we can access what is full INside of us--always. It's always right here.

      If we can remember to BREATHE and simply settle down, if we can remember to get quiet and Trust that we have all the answers, that all the love is right here...oh, how things could beautifully change.

      I recently heard (I can't remember from where) that at the root of all of our problems is the feeling of not being good enough. Which I think really means that at the root of all of our problems is the wanting to feel LOVED, wanting to feel connected, wanting to not feel separate anymore. Wanting to know that we're loved just as we are.

      I so appreciate your beautiful thoughts here, my friend. Thank you for taking the time, for being so brave and honest.

      Big love to you,


    2. YES a soul talk about this would be wonderful!! Let's think about this one, Julia. :) So much beauty and wisdom here, Grace.

  12. So well put.

    I think that a lot of this has to do with conditioning as a child. If we felt heard and free to be ourselves as little ones, we are more likely as adults to feel this way.

    The good news for those of us who had less than perfect childhoods is that we can retrain ourselves and re-parent the child self, especially when we have loving supportive friends through the process.

    Thanks for being a loving and supportive friend Julia. I deeply value our friendship.

  13. Hollie...:) I love that you are here.

    I very much agree that so much of this hold back stems from childhood stuff and that we have this beautiful opportunity to re-parent our child self. Imagine if that re-parenting could be full of love and gentleness and compassion...this is what we all need and are craving. This is the gift we can all give to our beautiful selves.

    I so appreciate your friendship. What an incredible woman you are. xo

  14. Julia,

    How I love being here. I LOVE hearing your voice, love love love it. And somewhere in those 8 minutes, I found my word for the year! Thank you!!!

    I think there's something massive going on in the world. There is a huge uprising of beautiful souls who are no longer willing to live half a life, to live under the tyranny of "what do they think about me?"

    I am entering a new experience in my own life - choreographing a musical - and I'm terrified of what they will all THINK of me. Will they like me? Will they follow my direction? Blah blah blah. My word for the year will go with me into rehearsals, reminding me that all I need to do is show up authentically and LET GO! Wheeeeeeeee!

    I love you dearest one.

  15. You found your word for the year? I'm so curious...

    I agree, Elloa, I feel there's something massive going on too. It is so damn time to let the hell go of "what do they thing of me?" It's SO time. What a f-ing waste of energy. Seriously.

    Your choreographing a musical? Damn girl! You're doing some amazing things. And yes, that's all you have to up with your incredible self and let the hell go. That's it!

    Oh, what a ride!

    I love you right back, dear, beautiful Elloa! Please say hello to sweet Nige for me. xo

  16. Wow. That was so cool. Like you were having coffee with me this morning. I was nodding in agreement which is, no doubt, exactly what I'd be doing if you were here. I love listening to you ramble. I think you ramble better than a lot of people talk.

    As for the topic, you know this search externally for approval and validation and love is a source of fascination and frustration for me. Every single time I return to the work - the actually ass-in-chair, fingers-on-the-keyboard work - I feel alive and sure and occasionally rarefied. It is only when I begin to obsess about the outcome - will people respond, will my numbers go up, will an editor say yes - that I begin to doubt and retreat. And doubt and retreat during the act of creation kills the daring and passion that is essential, I think, to art.

    Can't wait for more audios. I love the sort of free-roaming exploration of topic. xox

  17. J. I'm drinking my coffee right now, where are you?

    I just returned from a much-needed yoga session, your 6-words about being "superhumanly balanced on the mat" was just the kick in the ass I needed. So, thank you for that. :)

    And thank you for coming here and leaving your words.

    Oh, wow, this...

    "doubt and retreat during the act of creation kills the daring and passion that is essential, I think, to art."

    How do you do this? You have this way of putting words together that leaves me in this state of awe...half the time I have to pause and stare off into the distance for a few minutes so it can all settle inside of me. You convey Truth so well.

    I love that we have connected, my friend. (And there's the understatement of the year.) :)

  18. Julia, how nice to hear your voice as I sip my morning coffee.
    Comforts zones aren't so comfortable. They diminish us somehow by erecting a fence around our lives limiting our ability to explore and discover.
    Sometimes we stay stuck because the devil we know is better than the devil we don't know... or so we think. Why does it always have to be about fear and devils? Why not faith and angels?
    I'm sort of stuck right now. Okay, not sort of. I am stuck. It all has to do with the creative process and those last practical steps to putting my art out there. Funny how I can pen a novel but when it comes to writing an "About Me" page I freeze up. Silly me.
    Anyway, I loved listening and I loved the poem. Thank you for stepping outside of your fence of fear to speak to me this morning.


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