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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Love, Love & Love

Words read:  You are so loved

If there's one thing I'm really getting clear about, it's that we all just want to be loved.

We want to be loved right now, for exactly who we are.  Not when we become more of this or that, not when we stop doing this or that or achieve this or that or get this or that together.  We want to be loved with all of our uncertainty, all of our messiness.  We want to be loved even though we can't seem to remember a single thing and we lose things all the time.  We want to be loved even though we can't sing to save our lives, even though we suck at math, even though we're not creative(though this is just a silly lie we tell ourselves).  We want to be loved even though we throw tantrums and are mean to our sister sometimes (I'm thinking of my little girls when I write this one).  We want to be loved even though we're scatter-brained and can't seem to finish anything we start.  We want to be loved even though we're "too" this or "too" that.  We want to be loved even though we never (or rarely) seem to be able to get "it" together (whatever that even means).

We want to be loved even though we screw up (a lot).

Not only do we want to be loved but we want to be told we're love, we want to feel that we're loved, we want to be shown that we're loved.

And this is also clear.  When we hold back from loving others, we hold back from loving ourselves. When we hold back from loving ourselves, we hold back from loving others.  When we give love to others, we give love to ourselves.  When we give love to ourselves, we give love to others.  What we reject in others, we reject in ourselves.  When we reach out with compassion for another, we reach out with compassion for ourselves.  And vice versa.  It's the same.  One thing feeds another.

So, what's the answer to all of this angst/suffering/need for approval (that I think every human being on the planet feels)?

and Love.

I really believe it's that simple.  And that complicated.  That messy.  And that preciously beautiful.

*     *     *

*On a very similar note, my poem, The Light, is over at Word Dance today, please stop by and say hello.  I would love that.

*And while we're on the subject, if you want to read some absolutely gorgeous words about love, you must go read J's.  They'll knock your socks off--seriously.


  1. I LOVE YOU! This spoke directly to my heart today, when I need it most. You are the Light. xoxo

  2. joining alia...
    i love you too!
    love is the answer!!
    and speaking of messy,
    i did log in to hear your
    beautiful reminded
    me of my own a few months ago as i
    went on a walk outside w/a little voice recorder
    and reflected about life stuff...similar cadence....
    happy february, treasured sister. xox

  3. oh my gosh, i didn't finish my thought/reference about "messy"!
    i was going to say i listened messily
    to you in your stops
    and starts...because i often log on eeeearly
    in the morning when everyone's sleeping and would have it on so quietly and miss parts and restart and so on! oh dear! it was like a little private forest fort special place!
    xox :)

    1. Dear Rachel, you have such a sweet, magical way with words. "It was like a little private forest fort special place," how I love this image, the feeling that is conveyed here.

      Thank you for being here, my friend.

      Happy, happy February to you too! Big love.

  4. I think that is so true, everyone just needs and wants to be loved, I think it's the reason behind most of our decisions. Speaking of Love, is that a new painting?? I LOVE it, I think it's my favorite. Know that you, my sister are Very Loved by me :) xoxo

    1. Little sis, how I love you too. I love how much love is floating around here--it warms me right up.

      Yes, little birdie up there is a relatively new creation...I used colored pens & oil pastels-so happy you like her. I'm really loving painting/drawing birds right now.

      Big hugs to you, sweet Amy,


  5. Looks like Jesus and the Beatles were right Julia.
    Sending love!

    1. Leah! So happy to see you here!

      Yes, Jesus & the Beatles knew a thing or two. :)

      Sending love right back to you,


  6. Love Love Love. It is everywhere. In our work, in our mind, body and soul

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  7. Aaah, Julia, so achingly beautifully written. As always, your words are nourishment for my soul.

    "I really believe it's that simple. And that complicated. That messy. And that preciously beautiful." Yes, yes, yes, yes, YES.

    Sending so so so much love to you always! (And to everyone visiting Julia's gorgeous blog!)

    1. Grace, I so adore you. You are all heart, my friend, and I feel truly honored and so very blessed that we have connected. I absolutely loved hearing your voice the other day. You are beautiful and you make such a difference simply by being you.

      Thank you so much for being here.

      Have a love-filled Thursday,


  8. Julia, this post is just beautiful, there is so much truth. love is what we all need to be told, shown, and through it we can love ourselves. I know I will reread this post many times. thank you for your words of wisdom, sending you love, c

    1. Dear Cinner,

      I love it when you stop by. Your words of support and understanding add to that feeling of connectedness that means everything to me.

      Thank you.

      I send you so much love today,


  9. my girls and I recently had a LOVE LOVE LOVE homeschooling session with their friends where we talked about being kind and loving to others, exploring how words and actions can sometimes leave another child feeling unloved through a story and then they re-wrote the story with more loving was powerful....a great way to think about love as a constant in all we do

  10. Dear Christy,

    This love-filled homeschooling session sounds so powerful. I'm imagining what it would be like to have similar activities in our public schools...I'm certain love is a far far more important subject than any other. What a difference it would make...

    Thank you so much for sharing this real-life example. Those are some lucky girls you have.

    Thank you so much for being here, Christy. I so appreciate your presence.

    With love,


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