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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

So Much to Share !

"What will happen to us today is completely unknown.  Our commitment is to use it to awaken our heart." 

-Pema Chödrön  

Breathe Peace
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After I painted this painting, I went for a walk and, sometime during this walk, I had this thought...oh my gosh, I think that bird I just painted is a Dove, don't Doves mean peace?  (Those of you who have been reading know that peace is the word I chose as my little word for this year.)  When I sat down to paint that day, I had no intention of painting a Dove so this was quite the revelation to me.  When I got home, I looked at it again and thought-yep, that's definitely a Dove.  And then I did a little online search and found this:  

Symbolism of the Sacred Dove:

The Dove universally symbolizes innocence, gentleness, faith, marital affection, peace and constancy.

The deepest kind of Peace and Faith is symbolized by the Dove. It's image stills our worried and troubled thoughts, and shows us how to find renewal in the silence of our minds. In such moments of stillness, we are able to appreciate the simple blessings that go unnoticed in the chaos that surrounds us each day.

The Sacred Dove serves as a gentle reminder that there is always hope, new possibilities and miracles waiting, just around the corner...

Finding renewal in the silence of our minds--I love that.

I continue to be in absolute awe of the creative process. The fact that this Dove came through, without my needing to make it happen or control the process at all, brings me so much peace and solidifies my faith, well, pretty much everything.  

Despite the cold from hell that I've just decided is on its way out, I feel a gentle peace settling in.  The air is oozing with possibility right now...I can feel it all over.  

Now, a few more things to share!  

Sample of Amanda Fall's artwork in Issue # 3 of Sprout magazine
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Issue # 3 of Sprout, the new online magazine created by Amanda Fall, is out!  This issue's theme is BOLDNESS and it's seriously incredibly inspiring.  There's gorgeous art, poetry, essays, photography, so much to nudge you awake and stir the senses.  I feel so honored to have my poem Unleashed in this edition.  You can click here to download one for yourself. 

I would rather drown in too much
than die of thirst
in not enough.    
~Amanda Fall

I'm in love with the above words (found in this month's issue of Sprout).

One more thing!   Beautiful J and I (and so many others) are having an absolute blast with our 6-word days.  Below are our words for day 3.  If you want to play along with us (come on, it's seriously fun!)  head here and leave your words. I'm so enjoying doing something just for the fun of it--so refreshing.

Julia: Taking NyQuil and going to bed.
j: I think I’m stealing Julia’s energy.

P.S:  I've added a page (see the top of this home page) called "Poetic Plunge."  I will be continually adding some of the poems that I am writing daily...some of which I will not be including here on the main page.  Come visit me there.  :)


  1. i'm in lovedove with your dove painting, julia!
    + i too love sprout + amanda + congratulations on your poem being in there!!
    + your opening quote is amazing!
    i just love you!!

    1. just occurred to me what a perfect last name you have. You have a way of always leaving me feeling awed. I just love you too.

  2. I seriously can't wait to go out and gather up some much needed art supplies & begin my own creative journey again. I love that you started to paint & a dove came out of it, it's beyond awesome, it gave me goosebumps :)
    Thanks you for sharing your journey with me. Xoxo Amy

    1. I love you, sweet sister. I can't even begin to tell you how good & comforting it is to have you here. I can't wait to hear all about your new creations...<3

  3. Lots of awesomeness, my friend! Love your sweet dove! And all this when you are sick as a dog! Right on!

  4. Oh, and I am feeling the need to add my six words--Sprinkling wishes into magical wishing jar!

    1. Sprinkling wishes...that sounds so pretty. Your support means everything, Brooke-thank you.

  5. Filled with relief--the deadline met.

    Hope you're feel better, courageous you~

    Sending courage and strength

    1. Miriam...thank you for these words--they feel like a healing balm.

      Love to you,


  6. That poem is how I first found you! So happy to be part of your post and creative life. xoxo

    p.s. I love your dove!

    1. J, I totally adore you. So happy we get to play together.

  7. Thank you, dear friend, for this beauty. I love you.

    1. Alia, you're here! I love having you here.

      I love you right back.

      Biggest hugs.

  8. That dove makes me crazy I love her so much. I love the creative spirit. I love that you made a dove and your word is peace. She came as a gift to you.

    1. Yes, she feels like a gift, Lori. And so do you.

      You are seriously precious. Thank you for coming here and visiting me. :)

  9. Julie,

    Your dove is beautiful. So magical that she is golden.
    I love the space you've created here.
    Have a relaxing and healing weekend. my friend.

  10. Eydie...thank you. The whole process of painting her felt pretty magical. I used this shimmery effervescent paint that I've decided I'm absolutely in love with...have you ever used that stuff? You'll be hooked!

    I so appreciate your presence here. And I love that you love your new haircut!




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