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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sisters. An ER Visit. A Birthday, lemondrops & A Giveaway

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It's been a wild week.  My little sister is here all the way from Vermont (which explains some of my quiet) and yesterday evening I landed myself in the ER. Everything is (whew) okay but there were a few scary moments there.  To sum it up quickly (I must put myself to bed), I had some pretty intense chest/neck pain, difficulty breathing and just felt generally very funky.  They did an EKG, a CT scan, blood work, heart is fine (thankfully).  Turns out the lining of my lungs is inflamed (due to some sort of mysterious infection) which is causing all the pain.  So, lots of ibuprofen later, I'm feeling much better. 

Things will be quiet around here for the rest of the week as I dedicate my time to my sweet sister who, due to thousands of miles between us, I rarely get to see.

Okay, in celebration of my birthday (which happens to be today) and the last few days of J and my 6-word days,  I want to give away a print.  

What in your heart do you know you are meant to do?  Leave six words that give a glimpse. Or, if this is too hard, just any 6 words.  I'll go first:   I am meant to shine light

*The randomly chosen winner will be announced next Thursday, March 1st, and will get to pick a print of their choice from my Etsy shop 

Sending love to each of you,



  1. sending love to your lung lining!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    + happy birthday to every cell!!!!!
    thank you for the give away,
    + thank you for youuu.
    enjoy your dear sister time..
    looooooooove! xox

  2. Oh scary! Glad you are okay, glad your sister is there to love on you, that will certainly help. And Happy, Happy Birthday! We are so lucky you were born, at this time, here with us.

    I am meant to open hearts.
    Soul surgery, to help and heal.
    Kindness and gentleness are my superpowers.
    Wake up, brave and tender hearts.
    We are warriors of wisdom and love.
    Our basic goodness is our birthright.
    I am here to remind you.

    Once I started, I couldn't stop :)

    1. Uh-oh, one "cheat" I need to correct:
      We're warriors of wisdom and love.

    2. So funny - I am meant to open hearts was what came to me, too. Quite sure there are plenty of hearts to go around!

    3. And Christa, don't you sometimes feel that if all you are able to do is open your own, that would make everything different? Have you heard this quote?: “What would happen if one woman told the truth about her life?
      The world would split open.” ~Muriel Rukeyser Hearts would split open, cracks would form and light would get in.

  3. Hope you get to feeling better and enjoy your time with your sister. Lots of love for a Happy Birthday!

    I am meant to :

    Dwell within the embrace of love.

  4. to sparkle, to dance, to sing #sixwords

    wishing you the most loveliest of birthday's
    sending healing waves

    I see the shine everywhere I go, it fills my day, it shows me where I need to help, and as always reminds me that I too am made of that awesome sparkly light
    and as a close friend reminded me of this past weekend when my sparkle was low

    I see what's needed before it's needed #sixwordsplusone

    ♫ happy birthday to you ♫ celebrating the wonder of you ♥

    thanks for sharing your wonderful path

  5. My dear Julia, I am so sorry to hear that you were ill, but so glad that you are ok and feeling better now!! I am so eternally grateful that you are well and that you are in the world and in my life.

    I hope you have an absolutely wonderful birthday and time with your sister!

    Sending you so, so much love today and always.

  6. Happy Birthday wishes to you!

    "if i knew i would be"


    "reclaim the sparkle that is me"


    "fulfill the destiny that is mine"

  7. I am SO happy that you are feeling better.I have been feeling worried and a bit off kilter since we spoke....but also sending love and light your way.I hope you have the most special day today!

    I feel I am:

    "To unabashedly accept and return love"


  8. Opening hearts, shining light - me, too.

  9. WOW...feel better!! And - enjoy time with your sister!!!

  10. Sending you tons of love and healing light to get you feeling all better. Happy birthday, sweet friend!

    I am here to:

    Share my love energy with everyone.

    ♥ ♥ ♥

  11. Dear Julie, Repair and Renew your dear self! My six words.... Replace a negative thought with love.

  12. Julia,

    Sending you lots of love, light and healing energy.
    Breathe beautiful breaths.

    Happy Birthday ~~ Today we celebrate your beautiful life.

    I am excited for the opportunity to own one of your beautiful pieces of art.

    I am here to ....

    To openly give and receive LOVE.

  13. Happy birthday my dear friend! Sending you thoughts of healing and love.

  14. have a hppy birthday!
    my 6 words....

    to live a life of "fullness"
    i am taking an opportunity to win a lovely print as well but have to do so anonymously as i don't have a blog

  15. hope your birthday was wonderful and i am so glad you are ok. lots of love to you on this friday=)

  16. Happy Birthday!

    'I am a listener and companion'

  17. I'm taking a quick minute (while my sick little girl sleeps) to say hello here.

    Oh my, how I absolutely LOVE reading your six words. I'm so enjoying hearing about what you are meant to do and how love-centered you all are. Thank you so very much for the incredibly sweet birthday & get well wishes--they added so much magic to my day.

    Feeling incredibly grateful for each of you.

    Sending love and the warmest of hugs,


    P.S: Other than a little tiredness, I'm feeling much, much better. No more chest pain! Whew! Thank you again for you sweet get well wishes...they worked wonders!

  18. Dearest Julia,

    Sending you much love and gentleness - heal, beautiful one, heal.

    Why I'm here?

    "Change the world? No... Love her."

    Love you,
    Elloa xx

  19. my journey leads to inspiring connections

  20. Julia, happy belated birthday! I'm sorry that you got sick, but extremely relieved and grateful that you're feeling better. Now go enjoy your sister!

    "I'm here to tell the truth."


  21. I am growing into my truth.

  22. Just reading this that was a crazy thing, so glad you are good as new now :) It was such a great week spent with you, my sister. I always treasure the moments we get to share together, they mean so so much to me.
    My six words (I'm going to miss this): Just beginning to spread my wings.
    Love you so much,

  23. Just for fun...

    ground and stretch, like human traction

    Love you, sweet thing. Glad you're feeling better and so happy to be back in this space after too long of a break.


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