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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Talk # 3. Love Fills Like Nothing Else

"Isn’t it telling that at the end of our lives, when we are stripped of so much, when there is nothing to distract us because there is nothing left but whatever lies at our very core, what we relive, what we celebrate and mourn, are not our accomplishments or our failed dreams, but the ways in which we did and did not love?"  Judy Clement Wall

My sweet girls on the Oregon coast

Okay, readers/listeners.  I'm posting talk # 3 whether I want to or not.  When I finished recording this and I walked away and had a little space, I realized that there were many things I had wanted to mention but didn't.  So, there will for sure need to be a follow up to this talk.  There's so much more...

For now, here I am--shaky-voiced, not sure what I'm doing, vulnerable as hell--doing it anyway.

One thing I know for sure...Love fills like nothing else.

Talk #3:  Love Fills Like Nothing Else


  1. This was just what I needed to hear in this moment...and you know why! :) I love you so much!

    1. Alia, you warm my heart right up. Thank you for being here.

      Big hugs,


  2. I love hearing your voice Jules, it makes me feel like your right here beside me, which is something that I treasure. So much wisdom that you shared, this is the right path, I am so glad your trusting it. Love you, Amy

    1. And soon you'll be right here beside me, sweet sis. I can't wait.

      Yes, this is the right path. So happy you are right here with me.

      I love you,


  3. Please come dance tonight. Time to "show up." ; )

  4. Oh Julia - I just finished listening to your talk in it's entirety. My first comment was about 1 minute in.

    I want to wrap around you like a quilt, hon. Sounds like you have been on the path that we all visit so frequently of judgment, judgment, judgment. I hope you can feel this reassurance I am sending you, filled with love, unconditional acceptance, and deep friendship sweet one.

    Julia - ALWAYS REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE. It is a favorite thing that my sister and I always exchange with one another. Who you are is up to you - no one else - and inside somewhere I know that you know your YOU is enough at any moment in time. That your YOU is beautiful, vibrant, loving, warm, creative. That your YOU is a beautiful ball of fire, warming those around you and igniting poetry and painting. Love you Julia.

  5. My friend, your description of my YOU got my right in the heart. Thank you.

    I love having you here,


  6. Recently the statement "You are not alone." was presented to me, a reminder that the universe is full of people who have similar struggles, similar hopes and dreams. Listening to your story brings that right to my center of attention.

    I found a bit of my own story within your own. Does that make sense? Those little fears, that wanting to know what to focus on, that day to day struggle and wondering where this all is leading. My actual life story is different, but then it is similar.

    We are all in this together. Thank you for this talk, this post!

    1. Yes, Deb, we are all in this together-there is so much comfort and sweetness in that knowing.

      I so appreciate you, my friend.

      Enjoy your Friday and thank you so much for being here.

      With love,


  7. Dear Julia, it is late and I've had a full day and I'm not finding all of my words at the moment, but I just wanted to let you know that I am here and that - as always - I so enjoyed listening to your voice and your gorgeous words.

    "The only thing I need to focus on in this moment is love". Yes, yes, YES. I'm loving it. I'm loving you. And I'm absolutely loving the idea of simply consulting Love, about everything and anything. I'm convinced it will never lead us astray.

    Sending you so very much love right now and always. xox

    1. Dear Grace,

      I too am convinced it will never lead us astray--what a beautiful thing to know. Whenever I feel myself getting anxious/fearful/doubtful, I bring myself back to what really matters and what always matters most is love. It's really helping me keep things in perspective and not fret over the small dumb stuff.

      Life is seriously way too short to mess around with things that don't really matter. I'm realizing that most (almost all) of the suffering we feel is totally self-inflicted...can we please be done with that? I'm so very ready to be.

      Sending love to you today, Grace. Thank you for leaving your sweet words.



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