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Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Challenge & Giveaway Winner

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I'm swimming around in a bit of mind madness over may be a bit quiet in this space as I sink into my own quiet place, the only place that heals and knows.  

For now, I want to announce the winner (randomly chosen) of last week's giveaway.  Thank you all for playing along. I loved hearing your six words about what you're meant to do, such richness.  

Okay, so the name I drew from my hat was GRACE from Love Your Healthy Life!    Grace, I adore you and am so happy that I get to send you a print of your choice!  Those of you who haven't yet had the privilege of meeting Grace, go check out her beautiful, inspiring, healing blog.  She's one of those women who just exudes love & goodness.  

*        *        *

(from Sprout #4)

On another note, my poem "US" and my artwork "Coming Home" is featured in the February edition (issue #4) of Sprout magazine.  Amanda has done an absolutely gorgeous job with this magazine--it is so clear that her heart is all in and that she is doing what she is meant to do.  

In Amanda's words:  

In this issue we’ll explore home:
cultivating belonging in daily life
by digging deep,
uprooting weeds of discomfort,
sprinkling seeds of gratitude,
nurturing new growth,
& harvesting blessings in every day.

Click here to get your copy.


  1. Congratulations Julia! Where can I find Sprout Magazine? You're moving forward in word and color, splashing your life everywhere you go, and bringing joy and love with you <3

    Congratulations to Grace also. I look forward to meeting her!

    1. Hi Leah! Thank you very much! I look forward to connecting with you and welcoming you to my blog : )

      Sending you much love!

  2. Sweet I appreciate you. Thank you for your encouraging words today, they really helped perk me up...been feeling a bit foggy & unclear lately so these words of encouragement matter so much.

    To get a copy of Sprout just click on *here* (at bottom of post where it says "click here to get your copy") will take you right there.

    Sending you love and sunshine today, my friend.


  3. Hi beautiful Julia,

    I am just now catching up on the blog posts that I missed while I was away and I wanted to say thank you so very much for your truly heart warming message in this post and for sharing my website with your readers. It is such an honor and joy to be your friend. I feel so grateful for you!

    Sending you so much love, always!


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