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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Slow Down & Listen...A Meditation & A Poem for you

"Don't go anywhere. I beg you; the Moon you are looking for is inside you."


Art & coloring by Marielle (my eight-year-old)

Whew! Finally, I come here to post my post for today. I've been busy over here working on a couple of brand new things...things that are definitely pushing the limit of what is comfortable, things I'm feeling a little hesitant (but mostly very excited) to share with you.

Let me explain a little.... I keep hearing about people feeling anxious, depressed, stressed (I am not excluding myself here) and I wanted to share something that would be calming, soothing, that would help bring people back to that quiet, empowered center place. Yesterday, I really wanted to post a short audio of a meditation that I came across a while ago. I spent a lot of time attempting to copy the audio here but it kept not working and I kept trying and it kept not working.

So, after spending a little too much time on this, with frustration levels rising (the irony is not escaping me), I had a thought (that I've had before about other things)...the thought was, why don't you just do your own meditation? Why continue to look for it out there when you can just do your own? I sat with this thought last night and decided that I really wanted to record a meditation for you. Rather than creating my very own (I'm not feeling quite brave enough to do that yet), I recorded me reading one of my favorite ever meditations, written by Tama Kieves. I hope you like it as much as I do.

The funny thing is, right about the time I decided to do this, a dear woman friend of mine emailed me to tell me that it was her birthday and, as a birthday gift, she wants to hear me read one of my poems. So, below the meditation (scroll way down) you'll see there is another audio (just a little over two minutes long) of me reading my poetry...this is definitely a brand new thing, I think I'm liking this new layer. Kari, thank you for planting the seed, I hope you enjoy it! Happy Birthday!

I'd love to hear your thoughts....

Today, I so hope that you are intensely, softly aware of the power of your true self. And that you remember that the moon you are looking for is right there inside you. Really, it is.

Lots and lots of love,


I Trust the Power of My True Self:  Guided meditation read by me
Guided meditation (Read by Julia, written by Tama Kieves)  Less than 7 minutes in length.  There is a few second pause before recording begins... 

Me reading my poetry (first time ever!)...
There is a few second pause before recording begins


  1. This is so beautiful, Julia. What a gift and a blessing. Thank you so much for doing this. I love you dearly.

  2. Thank you, Alia. I felt really vulnerable putting this out there (and it's been eerily quiet around here) so I SO appreciate you taking the time to connect.

    So very grateful to have your support, my friend.

  3. Oh my...
    Holy wow.
    I feel like it was my birthday.

    I listened to the poem first, and was so happy. It's one of my favorites. So many of the lines crack me wide open: "You don't have to try to be something you've always been, something you can't not be" reminds me that I can't even help myself, there's no trying or effort necessary, which is such a relief, and "You don't have to wait a breath longer to be all you ache to be, all you so perfectly are" gives the same reminder, and then, the one that brings tears every time, "I know how very tired you are. You can let go now."

    And then I listened to the guided meditation. It was exactly what I needed to hear today, just the words would have been enough, but to hear you read them was devastating. I had to take my glasses off, shut my eyes and let the tears roll down my cheeks while you told me everything I needed to hear. I have been so stuck in grasping, reaching, trying, such effort and busyness, and even though I could see it, I couldn't seem to stand down. Now, I feel rung out and raw, but calmer--I can trust my true self.

    You are such a gift, there's no way to even explain how grateful I am.

    Love you.

    1. Dear Jill,

      I think I had the same response to your comment as you did to my meditation. How could you have known that I needed to hear just these words? My deepest desire is to access & shine my light so that I may guide others to do the know that I have done that for you in some small way lights me up and turns me all to mush.

      You are so open-hearted and beautiful, Jill...I so want you to KNOW that with every part of you. You are so beautiful it makes my heart ache.

      So, so so much love to you, precious one. And gratitude...I have so much gratitude for you. Thank you.

  4. Oh Julia, you are such a gift in every way. You have truly amazing talent and such a beautiful, beautiful soul. Everyone who gets the chance to know you and feel the amazing presence of your heart is truly blessed.

    Thank you so very much for sharing these. They reached right into my core and filled me with love. I am so grateful for you.

    I am so happy you stepped out of your comfort zone - the world needs to hear your beautiful voice.

    So much love to you.

    1. You're incredible, you know. These words brightened my heart like you can't imagine. What an incredible gift you are to me, Grace.

      Thank you for your open-hearted beauty...I treasure you.


  5. More irony! I've been so busy, working, writing brave, quelling the voices, being late everywhere, scrambling to catch up... I haven't managed to come here for my Julia fix in a week! And then I do and you're a river of calm.

    That'll teach me. I LOVE these. You're getting braver every day, my friend. It is beautiful to behold. xo

  6. J, I love that I can be your "fix" even though I know you don't need a single bit of fixing.

    I love you, beautiful being.


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