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Thursday, May 24, 2012

How Would Your Life Be Different?

Art by Lori Portka

In my dear friend Christa's beautiful post, "Everybody Can Be Great," she writes:

How would it change your day, if you knew that you are fine, better than fine, just the way you are? What gifts would you allow to burst forth, if you weren’t worried about doing it wrong? If you didn’t need to take that class or read that book? If you could just begin?

Words to remember. You are great, and through love and grace, above all else, you serve the world.

Let the rest go. Come as you are. It’s time.

If there is one thing that is permeating my being lately, if there is one message that I want most to shout to the whole wide world, it is this:  BE YOU.  Be intensely, gently,
unapologetically, wholeheartedly yourself.  Show up as you are. Stop comparing yourself to others---you are incomparable.  Stop thinking you need to be more to be "better."  If you are trying to be like someone else, you are being less of yourself.  In Danielle LaPorte's words:  Being your true self is the most effective formula for success there is. 

*How would your life be different if you stopped holding parts of yourself back, if you threw open the door and let all you've been containing burst forth?

*How would your life be different if you cared far far less about what others think and far far more about being true to YOU?

*How would your life be different if you stopped asking, Is it "good" and instead asked, Is it authentic, is it kind/sweet/good-hearted, is it fun, is it infused with love & calm and ease?  Is it infused with me?

*How would your life be different if you defined "perfect" as that which is infused with passion and energy, whole-hearted desire & authenticity, rather than that which might be considered "good" by other's fickle opinions & changing standards?

*How would your life be different if you completely let yourself off the hook for whatever you think you did "wrong" in the past and showed up gently & fully for yourself NOW.

*How would your life be different if you stopped waiting for more or better or different and decided to just come as you are

More wise words by Danielle LaPorte:  

You become a trailblazer by virtue of being your genuine self.  It is that simple--and that profound.  

*          *          *

On a similar note, I am passionate about supporting others as they step into the truest, most empowered version of themselves.  Eli, the beautiful woman in the video below, is in the process of doing just that...I would so love to play some small part in helping her become more of who she is.  Wanna join me?   If you feel called to contribute, go here.  


  1. Dearest Julia,

    One of the reasons why I love being a musician is because I feel I can't explain some feelings with words. And I do that best through music. You humbled me with your openness and support. The fact that you published this is a proof that communities overpass countries and continents. I know you through your writing which has uplifted me so many times.I decided to write to you honestly and wholeheartedly. Your reply was empowering, uplifting and gave me courage to believe in myself and my authenticity even when doubt and fear wrap my heart. I am endlessly thankful for everything that you've done for me. And I promise to myself and to you to keep pushing through fear and discovering the MEist me. Thank you for your gentle push in that direction :)

  2. Dear Eli,

    I know just what you mean...I am so often at a loss for words too. So I just sit here & stare at the screen and let the love pulse through me. Knowing that something I've said could help you continue to push through fear and continue to show up for yourself fills me to the tippy top of my being. Your open heartedness, authenticity and willingness to be vulnerable is just precious to me.

    I am sincerely grateful that we have connected in such a beautiful, touching way.

    Blessings to you.

  3. You, me, Danille LaPorte? And inspiration from MLK, Jr.? That's quite a combo...

    I love how you carried this forward and expanded it so beautifully, Julia.

    Thank you - I'm honored.


    1. Yes indeed, Christa! It is quite a combo! I love that my words get to be nestled up against yours.

      Thank you for being so beautifully you.

      With love.

  4. So true, so true. My favorite quote right now is from Susan Piver, "Confidence is the willingness to be as ridiculous, luminous, intelligent, and kind as you really are, without embarrassment." Thank goodness you are, thank goodness you encourage the rest of us to do the same.

    1. Oh, I love that quote, Jill--thank you for sharing.

      You are such a shiny blessing in my life.

      Sending so much love your way. xo


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