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Friday, May 18, 2012

I Am the One

This morning I was doing the thing I sometimes do when the voices of doubt try to squeeze their way in--I was looking everywhere but Here for inspiration, looking for someone else's words/wisdom/advice to fill me up. And then, right in the middle of all the noise, I paused.  I closed my eyes, breathed in and out a couple of times, and quietly, the below words came.

And once again I am reminded to stop, to breathe, to hush the cluttered up BS.  Once again I am reminded that ALL of the answers, all of the empowerment/peace/joy/clarity rests quietly inside.  Once again I am reminded that it's in the pause that I access the sacredness.  If there is any message I want to yell from the highest of high places, it is this...

It is ALL inside.  All of it.

*              *              *

I could flip and click and scour
hoping to squeeze
a drop of fullness
from somewhere, anywhere.
I could tell myself the same old lies
about how I don't
know.  How maybe it's true
that I'm really not


I could close my eyes and inhale
and exhale. I could allow
the dust of a lifetime
to blow and swirl
until it decides to finally

I could listen and listen
until once again
I feel that sweet, sweet

In this moment
and in every single moment forever
I see
that I have a choice

I can replay and replay
the same old


I can pause and remember
and pause
and remember that I am
the one
I've been waiting for.


  1. Thank you, Julia. You shine and you inspire and you help us remember.

    1. Beautiful friend Brooke--you do the same for me and I am eternally grateful.

      Loving you so much.

  2. Your words are exactly my experience. I take walks in a magical forest, every chance I can. And there tunder a canopy of trees I too came to the conclusion that everything needed to feel the abundance of life was there, inside me. Thank you.

    1. Isn't this the most beautiful thing we can ever realize? That we simply (and not so simply) need to slow down and listen and that the most sacred wisdom ever will come bubbling up. So powerful & empowering.

      Thank you for taking the time to connect, Kelly--it matters so much.

      With love.

  3. Thank you Alia and Julia...for the reminder:)


    1. You are very welcome, Estee. Thank you for taking the time to connect.

  4. YES!! This has been exactly my experience. That - really - when we get quiet and stop and really listen - we find that everything we need..we have within. What a beautiful and inspiring post!

    1. So so true, Marcie. It really is all here inside of us, inside this one precious moment.

      Thank you so much for being here.

      Love to you.

  5. Aaaah Julia, you have such a gift with words and such a beautiful soul. I am so happy that I took a few moments to visit this gorgeous, healing virtual space you have created and catch up on you latests posts - I really must do so more often because every time I do I feel reconnected to both myself and the world in such a beautiful way.

    I cannot tell you how much I am looking forward to holding your book in my hands. It will be such a source of joy, comfort, guidance, peace, and connection.

    Sending you and your family so much love. xox

  6. It always makes my day when you stop by, Grace. I so totally appreciate the sweetness of you here. I have missed you.

    The thought of you holding my book in your hands fills me with so much goodness.

    Sending love back your way.

    Adoring you.


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