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Monday, May 28, 2012

You Are Beloved

We all just want to know that we matter, that our being here makes a difference, that we're doing a good job at whatever it is that we're doing.  We want to know that we're special and treasured and loved no matter what.  

If you do one thing today, do this---let someone know how very much they matter.  It will make such a difference.

*               *               *

Below is one of my favorite songs by one of my favorite ever artists, Amy Seeley---give yourself a few minutes to sink into the beauty & let yourself be reminded of how beloved you are...

Sending each & every one of you love today,



  1. love to YOU, JuliaTreasure. xox

    1. JuliaTreasure...I love that, Rachel-and you. You are such a ray of sunshine.

  2. I love you and treasure you! YOU are beloved. xo

    1. Alia, thank you. I love that I get to be loved by you. It's truly an honor to call you friend.

      Your courage inspires me so.

  3. You matter.
    Your confidence, your "willingness to be as ridiculous, luminous, intelligent, and kind as you really are, without embarrassment."
    Your big, smushy, wide open heart.
    Your smile and your laughter, which I know without seeing comes straight from your belly/heart and make tears stream down your face with the full measure and force of your joy.
    Your willingness to be touched by life, even when it hurts.
    Your gentleness, stillness, quiet.
    Your darkness, your light.
    Your voice, your words.
    Your generous spirit.
    Your grace under pressure.
    Your willingness to break apart, fall to pieces.
    Your compassionate vision.
    The way you see and translate color.
    Your confusion, your hurt.
    Your big, big love.
    You matter.

    1. Jill. It seems you must have known.

      Ahh...I'm totally gushing in my heart & have no idea how to begin to express to you how much your words have touched me--shifted me right out of my yucks.

      I've been in a bit of hell the last couple of days & I'm realizing what I was needing most is love, to know that I matter...your words just dove right into my heart and softened & quieted the hard & loud places.

      I am forever grateful for you. I sure hope you can feel my love because words just can't convey...

      Deep deep bows to you, my angel friend. And so much love.

    2. Here's hoping we can get together when I'm in Oregon this summer so we can do some thanking, laughing, and loving in person. I am so thankful to have a person who welcomes the love, is open to it, because so often, they are offered and refused, resisted, or I'm told I am too much. My love needs somewhere to go as much as you need to receive it, so thank you...again.

    3. I am so very grateful that I get to be the receiver of your love, Jill. If what you are is "too" of anything than I like "too."


    4. P.S: I'm so hoping we get to get together this summer!


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