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Thursday, June 28, 2012

"Soul Talks" is Back!

We're back!

It's been many months since beautiful Alia & I published a "Soul Talk"--below you'll find our longest conversation yet.  I hope you'll take the time to listen--it feels like a really important one as it's us talking about what went on behind the scenes (and there was a lot!) of me publishing my book, On the Other Side of Fear.

So often we just see the finished product of the creations that get put out in the world.  I feel like it's really important to get a peek behind the scenes, to take some of the mystery out and see that there is not some magical's simply feeling the fear and moving anyway, feeling the fear and moving anyway, feeling the fear and moving anyway.  One step at a time of moving toward what moves you.  And it goes on and on like this.

In Alia's words:  

This Soul Talk goes deep into the heart of what this process was really like for Julia. She and I talk openly about the “story behind the story.” We share with you the behind-the-scenes process of ups and downs, fears and setbacks, trust and faith. She tells us what kept her going during the rough times and shares what it’s been like now that the book is making its way into the world.

It is our hope that everyone who has ever doubted their ability to bring a dream to life will be inspired to move right through the fears and doubts. On the other side of fear is a faith – a trust – a love – so much more powerful than any challenge that seems to get in the way.
Here we go!  Enjoy.

Soul Talks: On the Other Side of Fear

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  1. What a beautiful talk! Everyone who desires to create something from their heart, should absolutely listen to this one!


    1. are truly an angel. I'm so lucky.

      Thank you for always showing up with your whole, beautiful heart.

  2. PS. I couldn't get the audio on this site. Got it on Alia's.

  3. I just loved doing this soul talk with you my friend. How beautiful and inspiring you are! Your process in the birthing of this book has shown me that we really can do whatever we put our whole heart into. This book is a creation of LOVE and I am so happy it's circulating the world.

  4. OH, and that quote up there...SO true!! Love that!!

  5. Hi Julia -- It's funny, I was just talking with someone about the quote from Jung (I'm crudely paraphrasing) saying that the introvert tends to compare their inner experience to the outer facade projected by everyone else and find themselves wanting. That, and the quote you used as the graphic, I think are worth remembering.

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