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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Beautiful Things

"The entire universe is within us.  My answers are inside of me, and yours lie within you, too. Everything that seemingly happens externally is occurring in order to trigger something within us, to expand us and take us back to who we truly are."  

--Anita Moorjani (from her book Dying To Be Me)

I think I'll begin this post by sharing with you that this beautiful piece of artwork above, this original painting, was gifted to me by my shiny, open-hearted friend, Lori Portka, as part of her "A Hundred Thank Yous" project.

Below is a bit about this amazing project (in Lori's words)...

A Hundred Thank-Yous – The Inspiration

I have learned that gratitude creates more gratitude. This project was inspired by Hailey Bartholomew, an amazing photographer and filmmaker, and her beautiful vision in 365 Days of Grateful.
My plan is to give away 100 paintings to 100 people who have had a positive impact on my life.  I’m consciously giving the gift of time, love and creativity.  My intention is to transfer thoughtful, heartfelt energy directly to those who receive my artwork.

Lori, thank you so very much for showing up for yourself, for following your heart and giving of yourself so freely.  This project is the perfect example of the goodness that blossoms when we focus on the abundance in our lives and truly listen to ourselves. Such an inspiration.  I am beyond thankful to be on the receiving end of such beauty. I will forever treasure this gift.

The second beautiful thing I want to share is another wide-open gift I received recently.  My dear friend, Jill, who I had the honor of meeting in person a couple of weeks ago, wrote the most beautiful "Open Love Letter" to me.  This is one of those gifts that leaves me without words and is just so humbling.  Jill, from every part of me, thank you.  You & this love letter are just precious to me.

I just finished the incredible book Dying To Be Me, My Journey From Cancer, to Near Death, To True Healing, by Anita Moorjani.  And, wow.  There is so much wisdom inside these pages--so much that affirms what I know to be true and attempt to practice in my daily life.  Since I can't seem to find my own words right now, I will include below some of the pages that I underlined while reading this book--words that I feel are  incredibly important & sum up the essence of her message...

Living in the present means not carrying any emotional baggage from one segment of time into the next.  Every instant is unique and can't be replicated.  It's our choice whether to carry our fears with us, keeping us stuck in illness.

The more attached I am to certain ways of thinking or outcomes or the more fearful I am of new adventures, the slower the development will be, because I'm not open to the process.  I'm not allowing universal energy to flow through me naturally.

If things seem challenging, instead of trying to change them physically, I check in with my internal world.  If I'm stressed, anxious, unhappy, or something similar, I go inward and tend to that first.  I sit with myself, walk in nature, or listen to music until I get to a centered place where I feel calm and collected.  I notice when I do so, my external world also changes, and many of the obstacles just fall away without my actually doing anything.

When asked what part of her healing her belief system or faith played, she said:

Needing certainty shackles my potential for the unexpected.  Feeling that I don't know, or Let's see what happens, allows my expanded self to provide answers and solutions that may be completely serendipitous and outrageously synchronistic.  When I step into the realm of ambiguity I'm really at my most powerful.  Letting go of all previous beliefs, disbeliefs, dogma, and doctrines puts the infinite universe at my disposal and works to give me the best possible outcome for my life.  This is where I receive the most internal clarity.  It's where magic happens.

When asked what the most important lesson she learned from her NDE (near death experience), she said the following:

Love yourself unconditionally and be yourself fearlessly!   When we're true to ourselves, we become instruments of truth for the planet.  Because we are all connected, we touch the lives of everyone around us, who then affect others.  Our only obligation is to be the love we are and allow our answers to come from within in the way that's most appropriate for us.

You already are what you're seeking to attain.  Just express your uniqueness fearlessly, with abandon!

Enjoy yourself and don't take yourself or life too seriously.

Words to live by, for sure.

*          *          *

As part of my online book tour, I will be doing another interview and book giveaway this coming Thursday with the beautiful Jodi Chapman.  Stay tuned!

As always, thank you for being here.

With love,



  1. you DO make the world brighter!
    + loooove this from loriiiiiiii!
    her whole project just has me
    ~~~dancing hugs to you!!~~~

  2. I can't wait to share your beautiful book on Soul Speak! Yay!
    Lori's painting is so sweet - all of her paintings are so wonderful. And so is she. (And so are you!)
    I just finished Dying to Be Me - such a miracle with lots of wisdom.
    Hugs and love to you, my dear friend!

    1. Jodi! What a treasure you are--I feel so lucky that our paths have crossed in such a beautiful, soulful way.

  3. Julia, I will have to purchase a copy of Dying to Be Me. Her words carried so much wisdom and light. Sometimes the simplest things can be the most difficult. Like staying in the moment when your mind is noisy, pulling you into five o'clock traffic. It sounds as though Anita Moorjani has found the moment.

    I love coming here and finding light and love. The painting is beautiful. What a gift!

    I've nearly completed your book, although It is the sort of book I will continue to keep handy, opening it like a Seer's diary for inspiring messages of wisdom and encouragement. It's always there waiting to give.

    Love to you my soul sister!

    1. Leah...your book is keeping me up at night! I keep saying I'm going to go to bed early but then I start reading your words and I can't stop. And I don't want it to end. I love you & you book so much.

      Thank you, always, for coming here and leaving a bit of your beautiful self. I appreciate you so much.

  4. I meant every word of it.
    You are such a gift, your light a constant offering to anyone seeking or lost.
    Love you.

    1. Jill...whenever I try to express what your love note is for me, I realize there just aren't words.

      Thank you, dear person. So much.

      You are precious.

  5. A beautiful compilation of things... thank you for sharing.

    1. Becky, thank you for being here--for taking the time to connect.

      Sending you love.

  6. Thank you Julia!! My heart is bursting over and over every time I visit here. I have heard so much about that book. I must read it. Can't wait for our talk! xoxo

    1. Lori, I love your painting so much...I'm looking at it right now hanging here in my art space and it just brightens everything.

      Can't wait for tomorrow's chat!



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