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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Can You?


Can You?

Can you, for just a minute
the white tablecloth, the washing
the sorting, the scanning
the lists, the date books
the .coms, the inbox
the goals, the resolutions
the plans, the labels, the schedule, the old
the scars, the scales, the bruises
the pains, the aches
the what ifs, the should haves
the pointing fingers
the too small boxes
the questions, the containers
the dividers, the protectors
the sickening

Can you, for just a minute
the voices that howl madly
at your old, tired
little self?

For a brave minute or two
can you pry open the bars

and listen
to the wordless –
to the hum
to that which births snowflakes
and stars and sighs
and moonlit little streams?

On this frozen winter night
when your heart
especially needs warming, I'm wondering

can you, for just a minute
get quiet enough to hear
the silent
of this one precious
of this one
precious breath?

*          *          *

My family & I are heading back to Oregon today but, before we hop on the airplane and fly across the country, I wanted to come here & say hello & let you know that I'm doing another giveway (and sharing the above poem & painting) on the beautiful Amanda Oak's site, Kind Over Matter.  I am so humbled and grateful to be there.  The words Amanda has written about my book sent shivers through my whole body & helped me to know that my book is doing what I dreamed for it to do.  

Here are some of the words she wrote (referring to my book)...

As you read the words, as you are falling with her, from the moment your feet lift from the edge with the first line, her words start to peel away all those layers we tend to hide ourselves with sometimes, our half-truths, our masks.

To know that my words, the words that have come through me, have the ability to help others peel away the layers is just beauty beyond words.  Amanda, you are a gift--thank you so so much.

To read more and to enter the giveway, go HERE.

Next time I write here, I'll be back on the other coast.  Until then...

Love and more love to each of you beauties,



  1. welcoming you home, julia...
    breathing beside you...
    + still holding your book-babe
    with so much love. xox

    1. Ahh...thank you so much for the welcome home, Rachel. It feels so good to be here.

      Love. Love. Love.

  2. Love this poem. Such beauty and wisdom. What a beautiful way to start my day.

    Happy travels back to Oregon! Sending love from my vacation in Michigan.

    1. Lisa! What a beautiful, welcome surprise! It's so good to see you here. Enjoy your Michigan time.

      With love.

  3. I want to live inside this poem, Julia. xo

  4. what a breath-giving invitation,
    it's a beautiful thing
    and I thank you:)

    1. Beautiful Jennifer--thank you for leaving your sweet presence here. I so appreciate it/you.

      Sending love to you today.

  5. Julie,

    Your poem was sprinkle with just the right amount of gentle permission that is so needed.

    This has been summer has been filled with lots of traveling for me, too. It feels great to be aways ... and it feels great to come home.

    Welcome home!

    1. Eydie, I always light up when I see you here. I appreciate you so much.

      Thank you for taking the time to connect.

      Enjoy the rest of your summer, my dear friend.

    2. Julia,

      I just re-read what I wrote to you. "This has been summer has been.... " It feels great to be aways...”

      Seriously, did I not look at it before sending it?

      I think I may need to slow down a bit.

  6. Hi Julia, yes, I think the first stanza definitely captures the insanity and destructiveness and pointlessness of much that the mind does. Definitely powerful stuff.

    1. Hi Chris! The mind..ah, yes, how very powerful it is. And when we manage to quiet it..the power is even greater--full, divine, awe-inspiring.

      I love it when you drop by to say hello. Thank you.

  7. It was so great what Amanda wrote and I have your book on my list. it looks amazing, especially for my clients who have so much anxiety. We probably have loads in common!

    1. Jodi! What a lovely surprise to find you here! Loads in common--yes, I'm sure of it.

      So much love to you. Thank you for the beauty of your words today. Deep bows to you.


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