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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Wordless Wonder

"The question begs, do we appease those who would laugh at us, or touch those who will remember our song and help them to remember theirs?"  
--Brooke Meservy

I'm finding, more and more lately, that what I want to convey seems to be beyond words.  Today, as I come here to introduce you to a woman, a healer, a See-er, a close soul-friend of mine, I'm finding the same thing.  How do I sum up in a few sentences the magic that oozes out of this woman?  How do I adequately convey how simply being in her presence is transformative?  For years, Brooke Meservy has been the mirror who has helped me to See the best of myself.  She has a gentle, deep, quiet presence that makes you feel safe, held, courageous—loved beyond measure.  It's not so much what she says, but the space she so willingly holds, the way she invites you to walk passed all the paralyzing mind noise and drop into the wordless—that deep well within you that knows and sees and zings with energy, clarity, life, passion--peace.  She helps you access the strength (that is already within you) so you can move and groove and sing and shine in this world.  In a sentence, she is a hand that guides you gently home.

Lucky for the world, Brooke is now offering her healing, transformative touch to all who are ready to receive it.  She has just launched "Wonder Sessions," in Brooke's words...

*              *               *

Wonder Sessions were born from my proclivity for veering off the paved roads, for forging my own paths in the wild, and following a steady compass, at every turn, toward infinite love and the return to it in each moment.

My mission in these sessions is to work with you to transform your relationships with everyone and everything, bringing about release and clarity, movement and ease, joyful engagement and endless possibility-and all of it as solid, tangible, measurable experience-- albeit priceless.

Wonder Sessions are for those who truly--as in siren blaring in the soul truly-- wish to really see what is going on around them, for better or for worse (until the mind relinquishes judgement, and there is a reverence for how better and for worse work together to open up our experience). Wonder Sessions are for those who wish to truly understand how they perceive the world, so that they might move their fences further out, until there is no longer a need for any fences at all--that and the surprise of discovering a love and connection to others and self, so sublime, that one cannot even begin to fathom it, let alone describe it, but must merely experience it.

*               *               *

And guess what?  Brooke is giving away a session!  For a chance to win what is sure to be a transformative, clarifying, wonder-filled session--head over to HER BLOG and share in the comments a moment of sublime wonder that you've had, big or small.  

To learn more about Brooke & her Wonder Sessions, click HERE 

*               *               *

Speaking of wonder...did you know the latest issue of Sprout magazine (created by the beautiful Amanda Fall) is out?   This month's theme is soul.

In Amanda's words:

Join me (Amanda Fall) and fourteen soul-satisfied guests as we explore identity, authenticity, and what it means to be fully ourselves. We find strength in vulnerability and healing in honesty. We find beauty and blessing even in our bumps and bruises. We find passion and purpose as we come alive. And together we discover that everything, everything, is rooted in Love.

In addition to all kinds of explosive color, poetry, art, prose...Amanda & I are having a very soulful conversation about the creation/manifestation of my book.  

Click HERE to get your hands on a copy.

Oh!  And one more thing!  There are 2 more days to enter to win a copy of one of my books!  I am doing a GIVEAWAY over at the beautiful Jodi Chapman's site, Soul Speak.  And am also offering 10% off book purchases (through Thursday) to those who get it on the conversation at Jodi's site.  Come!  Come!

*               *               *

And still one more thing.....tomorrow night my family and I will be getting on an airplane that will take us all the way to Vermont (where my lovely parents and sister live).  I will be checking in here a bit but things might be quieter than usual as I sink into my time with my sweet family.  

Love, wonder & happy summer-ing to all of you,



  1. Wow Julia, you have so many amazing things going on! And Brooke, whom I love for her fearless honesty and gentle ways, has released her Wonder Sessions! I'm thrilled for her and for all who partake in the wonder. I know they will be soul-stirring and fricken amazing!! She doesn't play around and that's why I appreciate her so much.

    Enjoy your time with family. Vermont is such a green land.
    Love and Joy to you dear Julia!

    1. Ahh, Leah. I just love you. Thank you for always being there with such love, encouragement and celebration.

  2. Dearest Julia, from that wordless place, I too wonder if words will be adequate expression of what is here in my heart.

    Thank you for such a beautiful seeing of me.

    What a sacred joy it has been to be on this journey together. Thank you. I look forward to having a chance to tell our story. It is with you I first found the field that Rumi talks about. That is no small thing. Thank you for being a reflection of a soul who values clarity and big, big LOVE, more than anything else.

    I look forward to getting acquainted with some of your readers, and welcome them to my little piece of soul real-estate:).

  3. Julia and Brooke,
    What wonderful things you are offering to the world. Honoring you both and enjoying seeing you soar. You are an inspiration to me and so many others. It would be wonderful to hear your story - a friendship very rare and special. Just witnessing you both and the connection you have gives me hope that this is possible for all of us.

    1. Alia, I so cherish you. It is a gift to know you and to see the beauty of you.

  4. Julia,

    Thank you for the book. It is beautiful.

    I will review it on my blog. May I publish three of your pictures there? I think they would show the beauty of the book in an additional way.

  5. Hello Clare!

    I'm so happy that you're happy with the book! You are welcome to any of my pictures--thanks so much for offering to do a review.

    With gratitude,


    1. A paraphrase and my response rather than a review. My pleasure.

  6. I definitely appreciate the question Brooke asks at the beginning of the post -- am I going to live with the goal of making sure I'm never criticized? I think a lot of us, myself included, can unconsciously fall into that habit if we don't watch for it, and forget that going for anything worthwhile in this life carries a risk of criticism.

  7. What beautiful offerings!! Love how you express yourself..So inspiring!


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