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Thursday, August 2, 2012


"Today, let go of your idea of yourself. Be willing to be reborn. Leave behind your “identity,” a story of who you are. Be willing to experience the miraculous, sudden abundance beyond anything you’ve experienced before. Keep in mind, the unknown can be safer than anything you’ve ever known."   Tama Kieves

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Here are some questions I'm asking myself...

Are you willing to let go of any ideas you have of yourself?
Are you willing to be reborn in this new moment?
Are you willing to open to and envision what you want rather than dwelling on what you don't want/have?
Are you willing to leave the old stories behind & focus on the abundance that surrounds you in any given moment?

Can you open to the possibility that not knowing can be safer than anything you've ever known?
Can you see the miracles that are right before you?  The miracle that is you?

This moment has never ever been before--can you drop whatever is in the way of experiencing fully?

One thing I know for sure is that a yes to these questions shifts everything & that it's always my choice whether or not I want to say yes.

Wanna say yes with me?


  1. Yes, I sure do.

    And that blasted "committee" that keeps telling me otherwise... I have fired them repeatedly, but they are so *&^%# persistent!!!

    You just keep putting it out there, like this post, and I'll keep reading, and I'll go fire them again. One day it will stick.

    I want that one day to be TODAY.

    Sending you love and hugs...

    1. Yes! Let's let it be TODAY, Deb!

      My experience is that the *&^%# "committee" never really shuts up, they really are relentlessly persistent. But we don't have to listen. We can nod and acknowledge and then move the hell on with our day! We are not the damn committee! It's so liberating to know this and to say YES to the parts that move us brilliantly forward.

      Sending hugs & love right back. So good to have you yes-ing with me, my friend.

    2. Oh, I like that comment "We are not the damn committee!" That is going to stick with me.

  2. It's amazing how the universe gently sighs and leans towards the word YES.
    Did you ever see the film 'YES MAN' with Jim Carey.It's outrageously funny.

    Love Nige

    1. love the image of the universe leaning into a sigh of YES ... going with it

  3. Hi Deb,

    I think Julia is right when she says the committee never really shuts up.On a positive note we are free to choose where we want to live at any given time. We may think there are many different choices but really it all comes down to either fear or love. Whenever I choose to say YES to love the volume of the *&^%# committee definately becomes more muffled.This can only be a good sign.

    Love Nige

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  5. YES ... :~)
    I stand with each wave and feel the YES as it comes
    letting go with each one allowing it to take me where it will without judging.. feeling my way through it .

  6. the unknown can be safer
    than anything you've ever chock full
    of ripe beautiful trueness
    it sort of takes my breath away
    for a minute.
    Then gives it back again
    slow and deep.
    thank you and a big yes,

  7. Julia, I intend to read this post over and over again. It says so much....
    Having empty hands is vital when reaching for more.

  8. sweetheart,
    i always want to
    say yes w/you.
    reborn love,
    over n over,

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What are you thinking/feeling? I'd really love to know...

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