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Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Only Way to Live

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It feels like this

like the inhale that thaws
all the hard inside
like the light that seeps in
when someone asks
What do you really, really want?

It feels like the still 
that keeps getting stiller
like someone untied 
the knots
of a thousand years

like knowing—finally
that only you
can offer your flavor
of genius

it's that place beyond
want, deep in the middle
of yes

you call it letting go
I call it the only way 
to Live


  1. I want to thank you Julia for your words, your bravery, your truth. Yesterday on my 30th birthday I opened a present from my parents and inside was your book of poetry. It has been on my wish-list the moment I heard of it. Thank you for breathing your light into world.

  2. Lynnette--your words have softened my insides. Thank you for taking the time to connect today.

    Happy, happy 30th birthday, dear person. It's so beautiful to know that my book is now close to you.

    Many, many blessings to you. xo

  3. Beautiful. (And so is Lynette's comment!)

    I love this especially:
    "like knowing—finally
    that only you
    can offer your flavor
    of genius."

    Yes. It's that. xoxo

    1. I adore and treasure your flavor of genius, J.

      Thank you for showing up here. I so appreciate you.


  4. I love you, my beautiful magnificent friend. Your words reach a place within me that I never knew I had. I always feel so embraced and loved when I'm in the presence of your energy. I'm so so so very grateful for you.

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