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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Gifts, Giving, Giveaway Winner!

The way to receive is to GIVE.  All of the gifts are in the GIVING.  When we hold back, waiting to receive, waiting to give---we feel lack, less, depleted, needy, wanting, not enough, depressed--deeply sad.  We feel our light being condensed.  Be the SOURCE, no matter what.

Artwork by my beautifully, open-hearted friend, Judy Clement Wall

A couple of weeks ago, I woke with the above words dancing in the center of my being & quickly jotted them down in my little notebook.  It's not that I haven't known the power and necessity of giving, it's just that I forgot for a while. I got scared and my mind started telling me that I didn't know what to do, that I really don't have anything to offer.  Minds can be so dumb.  Rather than focusing on what I could give, I started focusing on what I wasn't getting.  I began to see lack rather than great abundance.  I started making what others might think more important than honoring this great light within me.  

And, like I said in my last post, the longer I listened to this ick, the longer I went without moving--the greater the suffering became.  

It is getting clearer and clearer to me that when we withhold/contain/quiet down what we know we are here to give, what is dying to come out, what is meant to be shared, we suffer immensely.  I see clearly that I can no longer do this.  It is becoming more and more important, no critical, for me to open my arms wide to all that I am, to all I am being called to give.  And to guide others to the same. No matter who might think what, no matter how much trembling fear is here.  No matter what.  

I see clearly that the moment I shift my focus from what I'm not getting to what can I give, the whole world opens wide, beauty rushes in to greet me, and, instead of feeling constricted and strained,  I feel release and relief--I feel like the lovely, cartwheeling girl in J's liberating artwork above.

At 2:00 am Tuesday morning, I returned from a beautiful, four-day-long whirlwind trip to Vermont to surprise my sweet sister for her baby shower...I returned to the words of seven lovely women-blessing words that said yes, please to working with me...writing those last words just made me all goosebumpy and shaky with excitement!   I can hardly wait to begin this new journey of guiding others back to the self they've always been but have got really good at covering up (I understand!) and keeping in.  

A couple of minutes ago, I paused, took several deep breaths, said my own kind of prayer and, with eyes closed, drew one of the seven names out of my little basket...

I'm thrilled to say that the name that literally jumped out of the basket is Susie Marie!  Susie Marie, please email me at and we will get started on what I am sure will be a beautiful, life-opening adventure for both of us.

Thank you, each of you, for so beautifully showing up here, for confirming and encouraging--I am humbled and so deeply, forever grateful for you.  


  1. I am just so excited that this is happening! Susie Marie is one lucky woman to have your one-on-one loving guidance. Your wisdom and pure love has held me during times when I thought nothing would be able to give me hope again. In moments when the darkness subsides and I uncover my light again, you're always there to celebrate with such authentic joy. I hope you know how much you mean to me. The world is a more radiant place because of you. Loving you.

    1. Alia, I am so lucky that you are in my life. Your softens and love has made me softer & more full of love...thank you for so beautifully reflecting me back to me--for being an angel in my life.

      I love you so...

  2. You my beautiful sister have so much inside to give. Susie is a very lucky lady to be blessed with your guidance.
    Sending you endless love,

    1. Thank you, Amy. I love you so much, sweet sister of mine.

  3. I love this: "The way to receive is to GIVE. All of the gifts are in the GIVING. When we hold back, waiting to receive, waiting to give---we feel lack, less, depleted, needy, wanting, not enough, depressed--deeply sad. We feel our light being condensed. Be the SOURCE, no matter what." Julia, such wisdom here. Happy for Susie and for you -- going forth in your gifts to keep on giving, in new and creative and always beautiful ways. Bless you!

    1. Sweet Ashley--you are such a treasure. Thank you for showing up here with are such a beautiful, giving one.

  4. I am SO excited to be the lucky winner!! Yes, I do have to admit that at first I was just as much scared as excited though... My spontaneous acts of searching out the interwebs for motivation and starting a blog the other day have certainly gotten off with a bang!

    Thank you so much for this opportunity Julia!

    1. Susie! Yes, scared & excited! Describes perfectly what I'm feeling...and we can just be here with ALL of it--there is more than enough room for it all.

      I'm well aware that something much greater than our little selves is holding us-we can simply show up, let go and trust. I can't wait for us to begin with what I am certain will be a beautiful exploration, unfolding.

      Celebrating the beauty of this! High fives and cheers & love!

  5. Julia, it is so true...when we look outwardly to give, we receive the very thing that we need the most. But when we stare inwardly, only seeing our flaws and our needs, those flaws become magnified, and the needs bottomless. What a beautiful thing to know that when we feed others we feed ourselves. What a relief to not have to concentrate on ourselves or fix ourselves. The fixing comes to us naturally as a gift from love, when we lovingly move forward in compassion and generosity. Focus is everything;) Sending a big hug to you this morning! Give Brooke a hug from me too <3

  6. Susie,
    Congratulations! You are one lucky lady to be exploring and unfolding with Julia.

    1. Sweet Eydie...what a treasure you are. Sending love your way today. xo


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