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Monday, December 10, 2012

Our Sunshine Girl

For days, I've been looking
for  some secret blend of letters
or sounds, for some poetic
way to capture her essence—to honor
this one who touched
and tickled our inside places
who, with rock star grace
and gave and gave.

But, I see—we cannot capture sunlight
or bottle beauty.
Like songs belted out loud
or fields of winking daisies
she showered us with bursts
of color that will not—that cannot 
fade.  Her deep-bellied living
reminding us to breathe—not just to breathe
but to breathe


She showed us 
how to see with eyes awake—to laugh 
and laugh
with a little bit more
of ourselves.  How to make this living—this being here

She is the breath we will keep on breathing.

 As we hold the sun's
long after our eyes cease
to see
we are infinitely full
and filled
with the smiling breath 
that is she

*                         *                          *

This poem was written, with so much love, for my beautiful sister-in-law, Amy, who passed away on 11/17/12.  I am forever grateful for all she continues to teach me and so so many lucky others.

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  1. Oh Julia, this poem is so alive. It's as though Amy's spirit embodies it. I loved reading it. I love your writing. Your poetry. You. I feel I know Amy now. What a beauty.
    Love to you !

  2. Leah, you always say the most perfect things. Thank you for your love and support--you are like the warmest of warm blankets to me.

    Sending so much love your way.

  3. "Her deep-bellied living
    reminding us to breathe—not just to breathe
    but to breathe

    Wow, Julia. You've found beautiful words.

    What beauty this Amy. Her smiling breath. Her teaching self. Her rock star grace.

    Bless you, sister.

    1. Yes, Ashley, such a beautiful blessing.

      Thank you, dear person. It always brightens my day when you stop by.

      Sending love your sweet way.

  4. Such beautiful words for a beautiful soul. You captured her so well Jules.

    1. I love you, sweet-treasure sis. Thank you for always being right here. xo

  5. This must have been one of the hardest yet easiest poems you have ever written and it's beautiful....well..beyond beautiful. Wherever her spirit is now, there is NO way she missed hearing this...and I'm just sure there is a new star in the sky that twinkled and pulsed the moment these words left your soul and landed on paper.Blessings to you my care so deeply.

    1. Hollie, thank you for these words--they are seriously precious to me (as are you).

      Wrapping you in love, beautiful one.

  6. So very very beautiful words, that I read and re-read slowly - to enjoy, feel and remember. Beautiful. I too lost a sister in law this past November. My thoughts are with you.

    1. Kim. First, I'm so sorry for your loss. Whew, this losing is tough stuff. And, as with all things, there is great beauty & light to be found in the pockets of dark.

      Thank you for stopping by. It's a comfort to know we're here together.

      Sending love your way.

  7. Your words paint such a beautiful picture of her life. What a gift you have, Julia.

    Sending you thoughts of comfort and love...

    1. Thank you, Deb. I am comforted by your presence, dear person. As always, I'm appreciating you so much.

      You are a treasure I hold close.

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