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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Poetic Blessings

[day eighty] and the skys cries were tainted with blood. by Dreamer's Intuition


What is this?

This thirst
this hunger
this feeling that tugs
and pulses and
every blink 
every breath

This feeling of wanting
to stand at the highest 
of high places—
limbs stretched out, like branches
or wings

and bow
with the whole
of my weeping

to my singing
feathered friends
to roots and buds and blossoms
to puddles and oceans and
awakened little streams
to the lily
that almost blooms
but not quite
to the just-born lamb
that hasn’t yet
found the ground

And to you, dear heart—
with all of your bruises
and scars and open wounds
with all of your courage
and hesitation and astonishing

I want to pour
out my
as if
depends on it

I’m really quite certain

*               *               *

Today feels like the day to re-share this poem (from my book, On the Other Side of Fear) to declare my deep desire to unleash, to pour out my YES-es--to invite you to do the same.   If you feel like declaring aloud (it's powerful stuff), please feel free to leave your words in the comments below...I'd love to hear what you are saying yes to (or long to say yes to).  I will do the same.

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Sending love and poetic blessings to each of you,



  1. I am saying yes to honoring all of my parts--especially the anxious, doubting, messily scattered ones. I am saying yes to unleashing it all--to no longer neat, orderly containing. I am saying yes to deep, deep breaths. And now and now and now. I am saying yes to the strength of this beating heart--to all the ways it is dying to EXPRESS. I am saying yes to showing up for my writing, to dropping deeper & more fully--to staying with a thing. I am saying yes to running my ass off, to knowing I can kick it on this upcoming run. I am saying yet to loving with the fullness of me, despite fear & hesitation--to loving the best I can right now.

  2. Thank you SO MUCH for your work. EXACTLY!! Unleashed!! YESness!!

  3. I love-love-love this poem. It's my favorite. It's how I found you. It's very special to me.

    I said YES big time when I read it, and look at the friendship that has ensued. xoxo

  4. How I want to:

    with the whole
    of my weeping

    I ADORE your YES-ing voice, Julia!

    Thank you for this gorgeous poetry. I'm saying YES!

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What are you thinking/feeling? I'd really love to know...

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