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Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Rachel Awes holding her beautiful book, All I Did Was Listen

I'm sitting in the quiet of my home with all kinds of thoughts buzzing, thoughts that are saying things like--You need to pack.  You need to do laundry.  You need to go to the grocery store.  You need to do a blog post...and on and on and on.

I'm heading out of town very early tomorrow morning to spend a week in Vermont with my beautiful sister and her brand new baby boy--my precious nephew, William (which I'm absolutely thrilled about) but before I go, there is a long list of things I must check off my list!  Right as overwhelm was about to sweep me away, I opened Rachel Awes' new book, All I Did Was Listen, and these words found me...

So much can pile into a day.  Homework, driving children around.  Laundry.  Jobs.  

There is this thing I don't want to miss.  It's that our heart beats in all of it.  I need such sight.  I don't want to live a life of blurry.  

Let's shine amid our full plates.  Take three ten minute naps to replenish.  Lay out the yoga mat alongside the sun rising.  Write a poem in the middle of the afternoon.

And, in the midst of the noise, I remember to breathe, to listen to my beating heart--to come back to the only place where the blurry shifts to peace--right here, right now.

I don't want to live a life of blurry.

If you haven't already gotten this book for yourself, I can't recommend it enough.  Here's what I wrote on the Amazon review page....

Rachel's book helps us to remember what matters--reminds us to embrace our messy, glorious selves, to listen deeply, to come back to what is right here, to breathe each breath more fully. Her color-filled, whimsical paintings dance alongside her fresh, poetic words--words & images that hold and whisper sweet songs of support and heart-opening love.

Reading this book feels like having tea with someone who loves you best or sitting by a river and allowing its flow to move gently through you.

You can get your copy HERE.  Or if you want make your girlfriends really happy (they will forever thank you), you can get the "Girlfriend Pack" HERE. This is a book you will hold close and come back to again and again--a treasure-of-a-book that will remind you that you're held & loved and never alone.

There is this thing I don't want to miss.  It's that our heart beats in all of it.   

Let's shine amid our full plates.

Let's not live a life of blurry.

Thank you, Rachel, for so generously sprinkling your beautiful heart around--the world is shades and shades brighter because you & your art/words are in it.

*                 *               *

Speaking of goodness and treasures, I'd like to introduce you to William Marshall Peters the third (with a name like this, this child is bound to create magic).  You can call me Aunt Julia because I am now an aunt for the first time ever and because I really like the way that sounds.

Tomorrow (tomorrow!) I will get to hold this bundle close and smell/feel his soft miracle newness...lucky, lucky me.

My nephew.....William Marshall Peters III


  1. dear aunty julia,

    william is BEAUTIFUL.

    + thank you da da dearrrrly
    for sharing your experience
    of my book. it's always
    meaningful to hear which pages/
    words pop out to different people.
    and! for the words to go from my
    own little 4 a.m. private writing
    into a conversation of hearing them
    back, as they relate to a day of
    julia, is just somehow COMPLETE.

    loving you + so deep grateful!

  2. Congrats on entering into auntie-hood, Julia! Little William is, as Rachel, said beautiful! Enjoy him and that precious time with your family. And congrats to your friend, Rachel, for the gift of holding the fruits of her labor, too.
    Celebrating life with you both!

  3. sending so much love to you all


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