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Thank you for being here. I'm so glad you're here.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Gratitude Kisses

             Art by my beautiful friend, Lori Portka
Poster : Gratitude Kisses

I love you

because you're here
because our feet kiss the same ground
because when you find your roar
your roar finds me

I love you
because you ache and giggle
because you don’t always get it "right"
because when it pours
we both get drenched

I love you with my whole wide singing heart
because in your eyes I See
you think you're not

I love you
because I meet myself
in the furrow of your brow
because in the curve of your smile
I smile too

Take my hand, let's roam
let's pause 
at the edge of the stream
no wants
no words
no worries
just the Light in you dancing
with the Light
that is me

*               *               *

Dear Readers,

Thank you for being here with me.  I appreciate you all so much.  
I hope your day, all of your days, overflow with love.  And that you know, that you really know, that all you long for is already right here, tucked inside beautiful you.  

Gratitude kisses & so much love,


P.S:  The above poem is from my book On the Other Side of Fear.  Signed copies available HERE.  


  1. I LOVE you TOO!
    (and I love your book!)

  2. Thank you for this sweet message, Christy--it totally made my day.

    Biggest hugs to you.

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!! Love to read your beautiful words!!!!!!!


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