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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

It is Here that I Want to Be

"I walk forward without a plan, but not without a mission. I know that I am called to thrive. The Unimaginable Love that gave me my dreams will also provide the means. That’s a given. I give myself this chance, by trusting the power I feel."  Tama Kieves

In each moment, I get to choose whether I'll keep scanning/clicking/comparing, reading and reading their words, or whether I will stop and create my own.

I don't know where to begin.

In each moment, I can admire the colors in their beautifully crafted art or I can put on my old, paint-spattered apron, meet all that empty space and begin --one brave, unknowing brushstroke after another.

I'm afraid of all that empty space.  What if nothing comes?

In each moment,  I can second-guess & resist this calling to make something new, something that can come only from me, or I can begin--one trusting word, one quiet embrace at a time.

What if it's not good enough?

In each moment I can wish I was somewhere else, I can feel overwhelmed with unanswered questions, or I can pause and know that this very breath holds all the secrets, all the answers, all the gifts--infinite possibility...

I worry that I don't have a plan.

Outside, oak trees stand rooted & tall, mossy branches reach up and out to the sun. Birds flap wings and sit on empty winter branches.  Sunshine peeks through gray, finally--scatters light all over my cold parts.  It feels so good.

The Unimaginable Love that gave me my dreams will also provide the means. 

I inhale and am filled with new.

It is here that I am.  It is here I that I want to be.


  1. this was my morning prayer written last night amidst some serious tears:

    Today is a new day. Today I forgive myself. Today I release old, unserving stories. Today I see myself with clear eyes of Love. Today I Accept what is. Today I Surrender to the Flow. Today I Trust in the Universe. Today I choose Me.

    glad to be floating in the sea with you, too, sister!! :)

    1. What a lovely prayer, Dani...I just paused for a moment and let myself really sit with your words.

      Thank you for sharing & for taking the time to connect. I'm happy to be floating with you too... :)

      Big embraces.

  2. beautiful
    this week I am taking pause
    in the moments that I find myself alone
    in a brief moment of sunlight
    where nature reminds me
    that I am perfect
    in this moment
    in this breath

    and I really need to worry and stress and plan less!!!

    for tonight, I too will find glitter and hearts
    as I make valentine's cards with dear friends (and chocolate dipped strawberries and earl grey hot chocolate)!

    1. Christy, you bless me with your words. Those quiet moments in nature are so very precious & always remind me of what matters most.

      Here's to deep, sunshiny breaths.

      So much love for you, my friend.

  3. Beautiful, my friend. I love the place you want to be, and you inspire me to stop, breathe and to really look at you there, and see how it is there in your own quiet that you shine the brightest, and effortlessly draw me to your essence, with not the slightest bit of room or thought of how much you've achieved or will achieve against the standards of who knows who, and who cares?. Nope, it is time to run in the fields and play!

    1. My friend! It's so good to find you here this morning! Thank you for stopping by & leaving your sweetness.

      Here's to running free and playing!

      Loving you so...

  4. Sometimes
    when I read your words
    I am so moved
    that I really don't know
    what to say
    thank you
    thank you
    thank you again.

  5. Deb, I feel the same...words sometimes just can't convey what our hearts feel.

    I feel your love, though--I hope you can feel mine.

    Appreciating you so much...

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