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Friday, March 8, 2013

Calling Bullshit on the Mind

"Before your idea is fully formed, despite the noise your kids are making or the fact that after your full-time job, you’re tired. Even though you only have an hour, and you inbox is overflowing, and the laundry pile is getting scary. Even if the creative project is daunting (maybe especially then)… just start.
After that, it gets easier."  Judy Clement Wall

Art by Mati Rose
I just read the above words written by my beautiful, funny, brave, love-filled, overflowingly giving & creative friend, J, and they jolted me out of my thought-overload frenzy.  
Just begin 
even though you have no idea what you will write about.  Even though you're out of milk and you don't know what's for dinner and you really "should" be shopping for that b-day gift for that b-day that's tonight and you're still seriously mad at the daughter who called you a "turd" this morning (nice, huh?) and the breakfast dishes sit piled and spilling in the sink and the dust balls are getting so big you're practically tripping over them.  Just begin in the midst of the noise, the mess, the overwhelm, the ugly thoughts telling you you have nothing to say, that tell you you're a sucky artist and that you have no idea what step one is and you're jeans feel tight and really, you "should" be doing that weight class at the gym you said you were going to do...and it's Friday and really, it's lame that you're posting on a Friday (why can't you ever stick with a schedule?) when you "should" have posted much earlier in the week.
Despite all of this, I begin.  And here's the thing, the moment I step it out of my crazy-making-lie-telling-always-looking-for-a-problem mind, words start to appear, a deep breath comes, finally, and I feel relief.  
Sweet Relief.
It doesn't even matter any more what I'm saying, whether it's "ripe" or "rotten."  It matters that I'm no longer strangling myself with inaction, that I'm refusing to feed and fuel the mind frenzy bullshit that tells me I can't. 
It matters that I feed and fuel that deep-belly fire that aches to express and connect and LIVE with a capital L.  It matters that I lean in and listen, as if my life depends on it, to that gentle whispering voice that says, keep going sweetheart.  And, yes you can.   
I simply begin. 
A couple of days ago, I watched a no-nonsense, totally empowering video by Marie Forleo (it's so worth watching if you get a chance!).  One of the things she said that totally struck me was this:  
Remember everything is FIGUREOUTABLE.  Results and clarity come from engagement (taking action) not thought.
Amen to that.
She also says:
Once you take action the Universe bends to support you.
Here's what I know for sure...
The scaredy cat mind that constantly throws fear and limitation at me is going to continue to stick around. It's stubborn like that.  But I don't have to listen.  I can simply say nanny nanny boo-boo while I pick up my paintbrush and begin to paint that peacock I've been dreaming about for days. Or I can stick my tongue out, and say catch me if you can while I put one foot in front of the other until I run the full ten miles that my mind insisted there was no way I could run.  
Or I can write one word after another until this blog post seemingly writes itself.  
We always get to choose which part of us to feed and fuel.
Result and clarity come from engagement not thought.
Just begin.  
One breath, one step, one word at a time, call bullshit on the mind (you can stick your tongue out if it makes you feel better) and just begin.  And then laugh and giggle and watch while the Universe bows and bends to support you.  
Happy Friday, lovely readers!  Happy beginning. 


  1. This: We always get to choose which part of us to feed and fuel.

    Holy shit, Julia. It all comes down to that. Beautifully done - words and image.


  2. Thank you, beautiful J...for your words, support, warrior-love, brilliance. I adore you & appreciate you so much.

    Happy weekend to you!

  3. Julia,
    This is beautiful. So full of truth and wisdom and bravery. So free of bull shit!
    Love this much needed message...

    Love you, too.

    1. So free of bullshit...that's just what I'd like my life to be!

      Thank you for being here, Deb.

      Love back to you.

  4. Julia, Thank you so much for your words!They come to me just when I need them.I lost my husband at the end of january this year and yesterday I was having such a hard day and it was all the "bullshit on the mind". You are so right, just begin. Some days it so hard to turn my mind off. Today I picked up my paint brush,I picked up my pen and I put on my shoes and I just started and feel better today. Left foot, right foot, breath! THANK YOU! XO Dawn

    1. Dear Dawn...I'm so very sorry for your loss, dear person. I can imagine one foot, one breath at a time is especially necessary for you at this tender time.

      So happy to hear that you picked up your paintbrush--creating something out of nothing is so very healing. Celebrating that with you!

      Sending so, so much love your way. Here's to deep, deep breaths & continued courage...

  5. Begin. Over and over and over again. I'm such a believer in beginnings being the hardest part of creating. But once we do? good it feels. Gorgeous and inspiring post!

    1. Yes, Marcie--over & over again! It's so very good & comforting to be in such good company.

      Sending a whole ton of love your way.

  6. The universe is certainly supporting you! This powerful post has PROOF that your words are TRUE!

    Thank you so much yet again, for sharing something at the exact moment I needed it! I am listening to that naysaying mind of mine too much these has taken too much control.

    Na na na BOO BOO!!!!

    I will paint those ideas that are bursting out of the spring air and let the dustbunnies ROLL (Easter is coming isn't it, and at this rate that might be the only bunny decorating my kids get...and that is OK!!)

    SO there MIND!

    1. Christy...these words from you have me smiling the biggest smile--my heart spilling over...thank you for blessing me with your spring-like, beautiful, sunshiny energy.

      Yes to letting those dustbunnies roll! And yes to painting those bursting out of spring air ideas!

      Bows to you, my friend.

      So very grateful for your presence here. xo

    2. I truly cherish our connection over the airwaves and am also so very grateful for you, for this friendship!


  7. Dearest Julia,

    I don't care what your head tells you about how, when or what you create - every time you show up, you send shivers through my body, you enlighten my mind a little more, you wake me up to the f***ing joy that is HERE, NOW, this present moment.

    I love you dearly.
    Thank you.
    Elloa xxx


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