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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Getting Naked

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I always get a little jittery before writing a post, which is funny considering how long I've been coming here writing posts.  I'm starting to look at this less as me being anxious and more as me moving toward my ALIVE. It's life stirring in me, wanting to get OUT--to share & be shared. But this post is different in the way that the jitters are even more jittery—the ALIVE bursting at the seams to be shared before I retreat in utter terror. 

Deep breaths.  

Okay, I'm back.  I keep stopping and starting this post and then clicking onto some other internet page with hope that something will give me the courage to say what I need to say...what my inner most self keeps nudging me to share—to DECLARE.  

I tell you this because I want you to know that I am fully feeling the fear (all the way down to my little toes) but choosing to move anyway.  I'm telling you this because I so don't want you to think you need to wait until the fear goes away before you leap with the whole of you into that thing that is calling you, into that thing that won't get out into the world in the same way ever, unless you claim it as yours.

So, here goes...

I'm in the process of creating an online "class" (I put class in quotes for lack of a better word) – a creation that I intend to pour the whole of me into, a creation that will take every ounce of my courage and Real and resolve.  Though I'm still working out the details, I feel called to move, to step, to share anyway.  The creation of this will be a moment by moment, breath by breath feeling-the-fear-but-doing-it-anyway sacred unfolding.

I have a sense of clarity & resolve around this (that's been a long, long time coming) & I just know it's what I need to do.  

My vision is that this will come through me -- straight from my center, ME baring it all.  Me being ME--fully & absolutely, in hopes that me being me will invite & inspire & encourage you to be YOU - unapologetically, boldly, with wild, love-filled, faith-filled abandon.   

It will be 40-ish days of pouring myself into this & then sharing it all. 

In this 40 day "class"..there will be lots of uncensored/unpolished videos of me sharing my "REAL," real/raw conversations with other women on similar paths -- poetry, art, exercises, challenges, sharing my challenges, my inspiration -- all of the tools & treasures I've gathered over the years.  I am trusting that by showing up as fully me as I know how to, that this will be a gift to others (and to myself).  

It feels crazy & scary to declare this before I know fully the hows & whens.  But it also feels bold and empowering and necessary (and the only way I want to do it).  

Right now the whys are all that matter.  

I'm so very tired of listening to voices of "reason," of thinking I need to do what is "realistic" and linear, what makes "sense" to the mind (minds) that is so keen on keeping me chained to "safety" and smallness.  I'm so very tired of listening to the voice (voices) that insists that my way isn't enough somehow.  

I see clearly how trusting this fire in my belly, how faith in myself & in some nameless Source beyond myself, is what I want to lean fully into.  I want Faith to be my safety net, my voice of reason.  I want creating with wild, me-filled, love-filled abandon to be the only thing that makes sense.

A huge theme in this class will be to begin NOW from right where we are, to not wait until this or TRUST, to know that the answers are within when we get the mind shit out of the way & listen like crazy to our lives. This is what I intend to do. 

Creating this will be a 40 day practice of me coming back to me...over & over again., I want to share the title with you (Can you hear the drumroll?)...

Getting Naked

Shed the excess.  Come back to YOU.

There will be lots more details to follow.  

For now, can I just say... 



  1. Wow!! This sounds fabulous-cant wait to hear more!!

    1. Thank you, Kelley!

      So good to see you here today. Sending love to you & your sweet family. xo

  2. My dear friend, I hold this in my heart, this unfolding of who you are, of being courageous, of creating what your heart is leading you to. And I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers as you embrace all that is within you...

    1. Ah, always your words settle right into the center of me. You are such a supportive, healing balm for my tender self. Thank you for keeping me in your thoughts & prayers...that is just the kind of support/positive energy I need as I step through my fear...

      So, so much gratitude for you.

  3. Can't wait to hear more details! The last time I was as afraid as you wrote about here was when I learned I would be working with you. Not that I was scared of YOU ~ I was scared to dig deep within myself.

    I am so glad I faced my fears and forged my way through them ~ your guidance made such a big difference in my life!! I will be forever grateful for that fateful day you came into my life.

    LOVE the title, even though I felt butterflies of fear at the thought of it!

    1. Dear Susie. You are precious and I am forever grateful for our time together--it was so very healing for me too.

      I am all butterflies right now as I take one step at a time toward was is calling me...but it feels so damn good to be ALIVE and moving.

      I just came across the following words (not sure who wrote them) & they ring so true for me right now:

      "If your dreams don't scare you
      they aren't big enough yet."

      I am seeing how very true this is.

      Sending so much love your way today, my friend. Thank you for leaving your sweet presence here.

  4. I"m so excited for you that you are following your heart and will be sharing such wonderfulness with us!

    1. Thank you, Naomi...your excitement means so much.

      Thanks so much for stopping by. xo

  5. AWESOME title!
    go go go!!!!!!!!!
    XOXO wild support XOXO

    1. Rachel. Whenever I see you here, it's like the sun just came out, it all feels brighter & I've just been given permission to grow & reach for the light.

      Thank you for your wild support--it means everything.

  6. You are so deeply treasured, my friend, any gift of yours will soar through this world, just like your heart of gold. I LOVE YOU!

    1. And you know this because it is true for you too, dear, forever friend Brooke.

      I told you the other day that you make everything better, and it's so so true--especially me.

      I love you so.

  7. Aaaaaaaah! AMAZING!

    Julia, oh sweet Julia, this is just perfect. And so strange: I am doodling, brainstorming, dream-dropping into my notebook this morning, and I literally just wrote down an idea for my online school: "30 days of..."

    And then, a tiny whisper, a nudge to come here. And I read this post. Amazing.

    You have so much to offer. You give so much, and to be in your presence for 40 days will be a complete and utter privilege for whichever souls are called to work with you.

    Julia, I adore you.

    1. Elloa, I just told you what these words did to me in an email but I can never say it enough...I love you and am just forever grateful for the blessing-of-you in my life.

      Biggest embraces. xo

  8. Yay, Julia! And I love Getting Naked -- wait, that came out wrong. :)I am so excited for you, that you are feeling the fear and doing it anyway, that you are choosing love that is greater, that you are stepping into this beautiful piece of the plan for your life. Proud of you!

    1. You totally made me smile, Ashley...:)

      Thank you for being excited for me, for getting it--for the abundance of support you give me. I feel so held & understood by you & I'm just so grateful.

      SEE you next week, my friend! I can't wait!


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