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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Hello Fear

"How can I accomplish something good when I feel so broken and doubtful?  Okay, so I'm forgetting that it's the light in me that holds the power.  I am willing to step forward and that is my gift.  That's my part.  I am willing to trust a greater love within me."  Tama Kieves

I just took this photo from the back deck of the little cottage I have brought myself to for a couple of days.  I'm sitting at a little table looking out at the Pacific Ocean - sliding glass door opened wide so I can hear the magic of the waves, feel the air coming off the ocean - breathe in deeply this salty freshness.  Seagulls swoop up high and then down close to foaming white.  A vanilla-scented candle flickers bright beside me.  

I remind myself to breathe deeply.  I remind myself that there is no rush, no need to push.  I remind myself, like Tama Kieves reminded herself in her above words, that it's the light within me that holds the power.

It seems the closer I get to stepping into what is calling me, the more yes-es I say to the dreams that feel so much bigger than me, the more this little fear-brained part of me grabs hold and tries to steal the breath, the yes from me.  

I am all too familiar with this fear-brained one and (thankfully!) I know that I no longer need to let scared- little-me run the show.  I can keep these hands clicking over letters and spaces, I can keep baby stepping my way toward what is calling me.  One gentle step at at time, regardless of what little fearful one has to say, I can keep moving.

When I announced here that I was in the process of creating an online class, every part of me came alive and felt the rightness.  And, from this deep, knowing part of me, I still know that creating and sharing what I have to share is right and true.  Despite the voices that are saying, you don't know how, it's too much, it's overwhelming, who do you think you are?  I begin and begin and begin.  I keep showing up.  I breathe.  

I'm willing to trust a greater love within me - the greater love that brought me here to this strip of magical sea to create what is in me to create.  Big sighs.

Hello fear, I see you there.  Now please, move aside...

*            *           *

To those of you who have signed up for my class, I'm so excited and beyond grateful to have you on board!  We already have a beautiful, gorgeous, soulful group of women who have said yes to getting naked!  I can hardly wait to get started.

Today (and for the next couple of days) I'm offering a giveaway for 1 spot in the class (which begin May 6th).  Just leave a few words in the comment section to enter the giveaway...if you've already registered, you could think about offering this spot to a friend.  I will announce the winner on Saturday 4/13/12 (which is only a couple of days away (so hurry!) & happens to be my beautiful little girl's 11th b-day). 

 To register (or to read more) about my Getting Naked class click HERE.

P.S:  Things will most likely continue to be pretty quiet around here as I sink into the process of creating this love of mine.


  1. Sweet Julia, you inspire me. Yes fear is present seeking to shrink you up into a wee little clump, but the light will chase little you away. Then we can get naked in the light and not be one bit ashamed. We can drop the tattered rags of shame and doubt to the floor and stand in our glorious Spirits, full of love, courage, and purpose. I'm sooo excited Julia! You are ready. Spirit is eager.
    Sending solidarity and love,

    1. Leah, you are truly a Godsend. These words from you...I'm just letting them seep in deep.

      So very, very grateful for you.

  2. Your class sound beautiful. As i approach my birthday the thought of reconnecting with the will to be naked before myself is really appealing. Definitely surrounded by some anxiety too. Just shows it's a necessity i suppose.

    1. Lizelle...I completely understand the hesitation/anxiety. As you read, I'm feeling it too (hugely!). You will be in beautiful, safe, healing company, I promise.

      We are all in this together.

      Love and big embraces to you. And happy, happy b-day wishes. xo

  3. Your class sounds amazing, to just reconnect with self, purpose and silence.

    1. Beautiful Clare - love to you, dear heart.

  4. Oh I am so excited for you beautiful daring sister of mine! I cannot wait to hear about this class, I'm sure all the women who sign up will get an infinite amount of knowledge and love. I'm so proud of you Jules, I'll be routing you on every step of the way <3

    1. Ah, beautiful sister...I'm so lucky to have you & your sweet support.

      I love you a ton. xo

  5. Oh how I love that view, and your yes-es. Can't wait to be there with you. So much love.

    1. Dear I said in the email I sent, I've been thinking about you so much since I got to this gorgeous spot. I feel you close and what a comfort, what good company that has been.

      I love that you are saying YES with me - that is just the best!

      Love and more love to you, beautiful person.

  6. This class resonates with my soul on so many levels. I am so happy that you have created this program. Getting Naked is definitely anxiety provoking, but an absolute necessity for the expansion of the soul. All the best.

    With love & gratitude for all that you do.

    Take care,
    kavindra :)

    1. I'm so happy to hear it resonates, Kavindra.

      Your words:

      "Getting Naked is definitely anxiety provoking, but an absolute necessity for the expansion of the soul."

      Yes - oh, how this rings with truth.

      Thank you for stopping by and leaving your words here. I would so love for you to come along on what I am certain will be a transformative journey.

      Love to you, dear heart.

  7. Julia, I understand your fears but I, for one, feel you have everything you need inside you. Just who you are is what draws me, not any of the content you come up with. I am looking forward to being with YOU.

    1. Naomi...I really can't begin to express how absolutely touched I am right now by these words from you. I don't think you could have possibly said anything more heart-stirring. I am continually amazed by what happens when we show up with/for one much healing, so much possibility.

      I just recorded a video for this class & had to mention you & these words you wrote...hope that's ok!

      And I just want to pass on the same message to YOU, Naomi, and each of you beauties taking this class...please, come as you ARE. We want you just the way you are.

      Thank you a million times. You've made me braver today.

  8. I cannot tell you how proud I am of you for telling fear to step aside, for following the light, for believing that you have something to offer -- and it's so clear to all of us watching from the outside that YOU DO! I am so excited to hear of all the good and beauty that comes from this time. What a blessed group of women!

    1. Ashley...these words from you fill me & make me stronger. Thank you for being beside me through this beautiful wildness!

      Love you so...

  9. Oh Julia,

    I’ve deeply missed being here in your beautiful space.

    During the first few months of this new year, I’ve chosen to step away from my internet connections and sink into the makings of my daughter’s Bat Mitzvah. In between each moment I devoted to preparing for our amazing celebration, I opened space for my creative work, playtime, quiet moments, writing, moving closer to my dreams, being with friends, hearth and home.

    After my art show next weekend, I will be ready to re-emerge and reconnect with my tribe in the virtual world.

    I am so ready to join you and get Naked. And what great timing for me to participate in your class ... It’s the week of my Birthday.

    I I knew you would be sharing your wisdom, compassion, intuition, laughter, love and Joy with so many other women in an amazing class.

    Be proud, Julia. You are an amazing gift.

    Much Love,

    1. Eydie! What a sweet, sweet surprise to hear from you! I've missed you and have been thinking about you so much.

      It's so good to hear that you've been doing what you're called to do for your daughter and nurturing yourself & your dreams. And you've got an upcoming art show - congratulations - that's really exciting!

      I would love for you to "get naked" with me and the other beautiful women that have signed up - it's going to be a beautiful 40 days. And yes, the fact that it's timed around your b-day makes it extra timely!

      Sending so much love your way, my friend.

      Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving your words.

  10. You are strong!
    You are safe!
    You have a magical gift to share with the world!
    You are brave!

    I know you can do this, I know the universe will support you! I too am trying to be TRUE and push aside my FEAR that has too long directed me! It seems a good omen that I recently had a incredible epiphany about this while I was on a two day escape in a cabin by the same sea as you (just a bit north :)....let the power of the sea, wind, waves cleanse away the fear and the ick and the not-us stuff....leaving pure LOVE!!!! (p.s. your course sounds amazing, like it will do this for you and for all who take it)

    1. Ah, dear Christy...thank you so much for sending along this powerful, affirming energy! I love that we were both retreating by the sea - that's just so cool.

      Here's to continuing to clear away the fear & ick and stepping more and more firmly into LOVE! I can feel us holding hands through all of this & how special & necessary this is.

      Thank you for being here beside me, for blessing me with YOU.


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