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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Hello Love

"Everything that happens today is in your favor. Everyone you meet is your guru, your beloved, an instructor for your highest good. Don’t be fooled by the skin of things. Everything, seen through love, can set you freer than you’ve ever been."  Tama Kieves

 Art by Lori Portka

Can you imagine what life could be like if you really, truly believed, if you absolutely knew, that every single person, challenge, perceived problem, messy ick that you encounter is really just an angel there to wake you up from your sleepy slumber, a blessing-of-a-nudge there to move you closer to the most awake, ALIVE you you can be?

Can you Imagine what life could be like if, rather than resisting what's happening, you opened your eyes wider, leaned the whole of you closer, Listened with a capital L as if your life depends on it?

A couple of months ago, I was involved in an interaction with someone close to me, this person was standing in the kitchen yelling and spitting anger over the devastating tragedy that recently occurred in Connecticut - the one that left so many grieving and angry.  The others (including myself) involved in the conversation were wanting to say a few things to her but she wouldn't listen - she was too angry to listen - and very quickly her anger became directed, not only at the shooter, but at those of us there in the kitchen with her.  

As I was standing there watching all of this, I noticed a sick feeling growing deep in my belly.  And then I watched as anger/frustration/judgment started bubbling to the surface.  I could see clearly that I had a choice:  I could meet layers and layers of anger with more anger, layers of judgment with more judgment, or I could step back, step away - find the gift, rather than the grime - find the love rather than the blame.

I chose to step back.  I took a deep breath, I asked for guidance.  I said something in my head like:  Please, please help me to See.  

That momentary pause was just enough to help me see that what was needed wasn’t more anger.  What was and is needed - always - is more love.  First, I could choose to love myself despite my initial judgment and anger, and then I could choose to have compassion for her despite the hate she was throwing around.  I could choose to see that this anger was weight she was carrying, suffering that was pressing down on her hard, it didn't have to be mine.  I could gently choose, even just in my own heart, to send myself, and then her, love.  

Once I stepped away and opened to the gift (that I know is always there when we take time to really see) love flooded in.  Rather than allowing this situation to put me back to sleep, I allowed it to move me closer to love.

What started out as ick became a gift.

It's all here to wake us up, to nudge us closer to our most ALIVE self.

It's all here saying:

Listen, listen, listen like crazy to your life, to your inner most longings, to the whispers that come from deep inside.  The stuff that keeps you up at night, the challenges and pain you keep bumping against, these are the Divine knocking at your door, calling your name...saying open the door, pay attention - don't you see - YOU ARE FREE.


  1. Oh. How I am so paying attention to all these messages now. From bars in a real prison to messages about being free in my inbox, to the light all around me as we walked in the woods this evening... and now your words.

    The Universe, the Gods, Spirit...all of them have my undivided attention.

    Free. Yes indeed I am.

  2. Yes, such an important reminder: "Listen, listen, listen like crazy to your life, to your inner most longings, to the whispers that come from deep
    inside...YOU ARE FREE"

    Thank you, Julia, for your beautiful words and for sharing your beautiful soul.



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