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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Getting Naked: An Online SoulClass: Now registering !

Shed the excess.  Come back to YOU.

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”  Rumi

October 21-November 22, 2013
See below for early registration discount (plus a special gift for the first 20 to register)

Getting Naked is an invitation.  It's an invitation to shed all that's in the way of your truest, never-been-created before, will-never-be-created again, one of a kind, absolutely REAL, love-filled Self.  

It's an invitation to shed the shoulds, the I can'ts, the comparisons, the thoughts and old stories that insist that you're not enough—that you need to get more, be more, do more, have more, before you can fully BE finally.  

It's an invitation to open your eyes wider, your ears and heart more fully and allow the white hot stirring in your belly, the burning, love-saturated Source in the center of you to be your guide, your guru, your map, your compass.  And knowing, really knowing, that allowing this Source/this Love to be your guide is the only thing that makes sense.

It's an invitation to lay down the swords, the armor—to shed all the barriers within yourself that you have built between you and YOU/Love/God/Source/the Divine.  It's an invitation to live softly, boldly—truly—with wild, love-filled, faith-filled abandon.  It's about living with absolute freedom and unapologetic brightness.  

The Getting Naked class was a journey of discovery and fellowship—discovery of the qualities within that have remained buried under a lifetime of conditioning. Qualities like authentic expression and self-love. It helped me to take a brave look in the mirror, without the habitual cringing and passing of judgment, and see myself as the one of a kind beauty that I truly am. Let’s face it, when a woman feels beautiful the world opens up to her. The stars are clearer, the sky bluer, life is sweeter. That is what the Getting Naked course did for me. It provided me with a safe place to “see” and embrace. The fact that there were a group of other naked ladies about the place made me so much braver, after all, I wasn’t the only one afraid to look at myself naked. Seeing their vulnerability made me want to wrap my arms around them—and myself. I formed a loving connection with the group that I believe will continue to evolve.
I also discovered a love for painting. It was Julia’s confident coaxing, as one already standing in her nakedness, that gave me the courage to try painting. And now I love it! Thank you sweet Julia.

The entire forty days were pleasant and edifying. There were no deadlines to meet, grades being passed out, or attendance being checked. It was a come as you are, see who you are, experience, and I absolutely loved it.  Leah Griffithwriter/author

Getting Naked is about knowing that you are the Source of all that you are seeking, and deciding to give freely from this place of boundless abundance. It's about spilling over with fullness and then offering that fullness to every being you meet on this beautiful, wild, sacred, messy, life path.  

It's about deep breaths and knowing, really Knowing, that this very breath is the only one you know you have for sure.  It's about greeting each moment directly, with freshness and life and openness, rather than repeating the same recycled, tired patterns that suck the breath out of life.

It's about staying when you feel like running, sitting with the ache when you think it will swallow you whole, feeling fully the discomfort, the ouch that stabs deep—knowing that even this, maybe especially this, is the path to freedom.  

It's about knowing, as my beautiful friend Leah puts it, that the solutions you so desperately seek dwell within the very heart of your problem.

It's about meeting everything, everyone, especially yourself, with love.  Because love is always, in all ways, the answer.

It's about feeling the fear in every cell of your being and choosing to move toward what is calling you anyway.  It's about allowing yourself to sink into poetry and art and to know that you ARE the poetry, YOU are the art.

"Remember, the entrance door to the sanctuary is inside you."   Rumi

It's about knowing, as Rumi says, that the entrance door to the sanctuary is inside you.  It's about going beyond that field of wrongdoing and rightdoing, kissing the ground, allowing the beauty you love to be what you do.  It's about allowing the sacred inside you to pour and spill and guide you back to YOU/to God/to Source/to all that whispers and calls and calls you forth.  

It's about seeing, finally, that your perceived weaknesses are your greatest strengths in disguise and embracing every bit of your wild, tender self.

It's about no longer waiting to be rescued/discovered—saved—and, instead, putting on your cape and being your own damn rescue-er, your own savior, your own superhero!

It's about living with a capital L.  It's about choosing YOU, your UNIQUE genius way, over and over again.  

It's about these words from Rumi:

If you knew yourself for even one moment, if you could just glimpse your most beautiful face, maybe you wouldn't slumber so deeply in that house of clay. 

Why not move into your house of joy and shine into every crevice! For you are the secret Treasure-bearer, and always have been. Didn't you know? ~Rumi

It's about beginning from HERE.  NOW.   From who you are in this very, exact moment and Trusting that your exact secret ingredients, your exact messy imperfection & sacred, unchanging perfection is precisely what this world needs.  And claiming, really and truly claiming this as your very own gift to give.  

It's about being present enough to see, really See, the glittering preciousness in each moment. 

It's about opening the door that was never closed.  Recognizing that the only thing in the way of you living your most ALIVE, love-spilling life is you.  And deciding, with every cell of you, to get out of your own way so you can share freely all of your gifted treasures!

I joyfully invite you to shed the excess, to come back to YOU.  "Getting Naked" is 5 weeks of...

*Uncensored/unpolished videos of me sharing my stories, my inspiration - by deepest heart stuff
*Real/raw conversations with me & other women on similar paths
*Poetry/art/quotes that I've written/created or have been moved by
*Exercises &challenges & invitations to go deeper, open & trust and love more
*An invitation to begin a daily practice that will nurture you & keep you coming back to your deepest, most alive Self
*Guided meditations to nudge you back to your breath, your center - your place of softness, your place of power
*Me sharing the tools & treasures I've gathered over the years....including little glimpses of my past journal entries
*A private space/website to interact & connect...a soft, safe place to land, to love & be loved, to support and be supported
* 5 beautifully connecting weeks (with weekends off) of receiving Love in your inbox (as well as on our private site)

When we commit to letting go of what no longer serves us & dive deep into the center of ourselves, from exactly where we are, there is no predictable outcome - only beautiful, healing, heart-opening possibility. I'm sure these 5 weeks together will bring endless surprises. 

*               *               *

Julia is one of the most honest/kind/loving/soulful/sweet/talented souls you’ll ever want to meet.  Her class, “Getting Naked” is life changing, transformational.  I’m not new to taking online courses and this class was the very best I have ever taken, it changed me forever.  It made me look at others and myself in a different way, realizing that we’re all human and have our good and bad days but, when it is all said and done, we’re all on a journey to create the best life for ourselves and Julia can take you there.  Julia can guide you along your journey to look at yourself in a new way, to feel that yes, I am enough; I can create the soulful inspired life that I so desire.  

I wholeheartedly encourage anyone who is thinking about taking Julia’s, “Getting Naked” course to just do it you will be so glad that you did.    Sarra Enck

*               *               *

Getting Naked is $111.00.  I'm offering 15% off if you sign up early (From today 9/18 - 9/25).  NOTE:  I am  including a signed copy of my book, On the Other Side of Fear 
for the first 20 (new participants) to register.

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to email me at
If you'd like to read more about what people are saying, click   H E R E

I sincerely hope you'll join us!  

***I'm offering a very special deal for those who took my first Getting Naked class.  If you are one of the beauties who joined me last spring & are interested in joining this lovely group, please email me for details...

Click on link below to get the special early registration special - plus, for the first 20 (new participants) to register, a signed copy of my book!  

Getting Naked is payable through Paypal (by credit card or through your Paypal account).

Big smiles and so much love,



  1. I can't wait to begin Julia! I am truly tooooooo excited!

    1. are treasure. I feel so blessed that you will be a part of this again.

      I appreciate you so much. xo

  2. It was definitely a learning experience. I highly encourage anyone just thinking about it to try it out, to go forward, because opportunities like this don't come very often (unless you follow awesome people like Julia 24/7) :)
    It gave lots of room for inspiration and inspired ideas that I probably would have never had on my own.

    1. Thanks so much, Karin.

      It's been so good getting to know you, you are a beautiful woman with so many gifts.

      Have a really great weekend!


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