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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Naked Me & A Giveaway winner!

"Naked Me"

Above is a recent doodle-ish drawing of mine.  The more I look at this bright one, the more I want to embrace her - call her mine.  She's bold, colorful, totally imperfect, and, somehow, so solid in herself.  She represents who I want to be, who I want to continue to be.  I'm kind of falling in love with her, I think.

I've been thinking so much about freedom and how, when I embrace A L L of me, even (maybe especially) the overwhelmed, scattered parts, even the parts that feel weak and lame and clueless, the more FREE, ALIVE, STRONG - in my power - I feel.  There is such freedom in letting go of this idea of perfect, this idea that I need to wait until ____?___  to show up.  The beauty in being able to show up as I am - strong, real, utterly imperfect - RIGHT NOW - is freedom.  And, I'm sure, the very best gift I can give to myself and others.

I'm embracing the truth that I really don't know how to draw a peacock, that mine need not look anything like theirs.  I'm seeing with more clarity than ever that these parts of me that I've labeled not okay/unacceptable are not only acceptable, they are absolutely necessary.  If we leave out an ingredient in a recipe, the final product isn't what it was meant to be...when we try to ditch/bail on parts of ourselves, the parts we've deemed unacceptable, we aren't who we are meant to be.

Plus, what we embrace - what we love and nourish - can't help but grow, thrive, expand - flourish.

Embracing ALL of who we are, being all of who we are meant to be, is really what my Getting Naked class is all about.

Which leads me to the winner of my recent giveaway...Melissa! You've won a spot in my upcoming Getting Naked class (starting October 21st).  Melissa, I will be in touch!

To all of you who entered, thank you so much for the words, energy and love you left here.

And, if you'd like to join this amazingly beautiful group that is gathering, please click the button below. I would so, so love to have you join us.


  1. Yes, friend. How long have we overlooked the beauty in our own imperfect?! It's what draws us closer to our need for God and others and, as you say, is also what unlocks our deeper self-acceptance and freedom! I'm going to say again how proud I am of you for taking on these Naked courses...sister, you rock!

    1. Too long, Ashley...can we be done now? How boring would it be if we all walked around being perfect - what would that even look like? Sounds utterly colorless if you ask me.

      Thanks so much for coming here and leaving your words - I light up whenever I see you here. And thank you for being proud of me - that feels good. :)

      Love to you, beautiful friend.

  2. And anyway you were obviously wrong. You TOTALLY know how to draw a peacock. <3

    1. You did it again, J - you always make me smile. That's just one of the too-many-to-count things I love about you.

      I really do need a pocket size J to carry around with me - do you think that's asking for too much?


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