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Thursday, December 5, 2013

What I Remember When I Stop Forgetting

Peace is Right Here - print available HERE 

I keep forgetting 

answers to these forever questions
are not trapped beneath layers 
of seven thousand shoulds.  It 
is not pinned behind the next closed door, not 
inside this gripped-tight hand 
his heavy heart - her frozen focus
on what isn't

I keep forgetting 

that no number of pats or nods
will ever be enough
if feet aren't planted deep 
in the belly
of my own solid ground

I keep forgetting 

that I won't find it tomorrow 
or the next day - in lands far away, in the scarred stories
of yesterday - on bruised knees trying
to be good

I keep forgetting 

that it's tucked inside soft wings - inside the real
of what can't be broken, deep 
inside the womb
of mountain

When these eyes land -
when gaze softly settles on branch, bird - roots 
truth breathes and pulses 
on repeat

is right here

*               *               *

UPDATE:  The winner of the giveaway is Pink Bella! Beautiful Sarra, I will be in touch.

As I have shared on my Facebook page, the above words on my new painting have become my new mantra.  I am continually amazed at how quickly and constantly I forget what matters - how my default is to reach for approval, attach to outcome.  As I always say, this conscious, awake living is truly a moment by moment PRACTICE in coming back to what is REAL and TRUE.  I see that I need all of the tools, love, guidance, support I can get in what can sometimes (often) be a painful process in letting go - mantras are one of these tools that I find helps me to come back to HERE, that helps me remember what matters - to surrender this need for control.

Which brings me to telling you about my new idea/offering (she writes with a smile)...

Here it is.  I am now offering customized words/mantras/quotes (whatever you choose) on your choice of four different paintings/prints (the first 4 listed in my Etsy shop - the above print included).  There are currently words on each of these prints so you can get an idea for number of words that can fit on each print.

The idea is that these words/this print would serve as your very own reminder - a reminder to embrace/love your imperfect, beautiful self - a reminder to be brave, a reminder that it is here, now.  I so love the idea of my artwork serving as a reminder to come back to what is real and true.

Today I'm offering a giveaway of one of these prints, with your own customized words, to one randomly selected winner.  (If you should win, you can let me know which print you choose - click HERE to see prints - and what words you have chosen).  Of course, you can always choose the words that are currently on the prints if they resonate.

To enter the giveaway, leave some words in the comment section.  I will announce the winner on Monday, December 9, so you have through the 8th to enter.

Also, from now on, when you purchase one of my paintings/prints, I will include a printed out poem of mine with each print (that I will intuitively choose especially for YOU).

These new offering ideas presented themselves while I was in the midst of some pretty deep surrendering, so they are offered with joy and deep love from my heart to yours.

Thank you, each of you, for being here.  How beautiful  it is to walk this wild, beautiful, forgetting-remembering walk with you...

Deeply honoring you,



  1. I keep forgetting
    That peace is right here
    And that no matter
    What fears
    Or revelations come,
    I do have the strength
    To carry on.

    Heaven knows I forget about peace all the time, despite me always preaching it. My own inner peace is often at turmoil, but during those rare quiet times, I realize how lucky I am and that perhaps all of the things I stress about are nothing to be worried about at all.

    Love your painting and love your words ♥

  2. Oh how beautiful this is. And I LOVE this offering so very much!!!! Love you, Julia.

  3. The vision of those soft soft, yet strong enough to lift you in flight...You, my dear friend, have a gift with words.

  4. I really, really like this.I love your art!

  5. Painting the practice. How perfect!
    Julia, your poetry finds its way deep inside of me and beckons me to "come out" from beneath the rocks that keep me stuck—from the limits and the fearful ways of being and thinking. I remember who I am when I read your poetry. How powerful is that! So, yes! Your sharing is perfect and powerful and very very timely. Love! Love! Love!

  6. Julia, you are an amazing artist in every way. I've told you many times your words just resonate with me. After reading anything you write my heart she glows causing me to feel so warm at the soul level. Your work is so powerful and touches so many.

    Holiday Blessings to you dear one.


    1. Beautiful Sarra...these words from you touched me deeply. It makes me immensely happy to know that my words speak to that precious heart of yours.

      You won the print giveaway, my friend. I will be in touch via email.

      Blessings to you.

  7. Just went to the shop and looked at all of your prints and am overwhelmed! They are all so delightful and tender! Love them and YOU!

  8. Beautiful, blessed women...I don't have time to write back to you all individually right now (my girls are home from school yet another day - due to snow and cold) but I just want to say, thank you for coming here and blessing me. I'm so deeply grateful for each of you.

    Beautiful, magical blessings to you.

  9. The winner of the giveaway is Pink Bella! Beautiful Sarra, I will be in touch.


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