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Friday, January 24, 2014


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I wish I could paint you a picture
or make you a quilt of just-right words, not good words 
or pretty words but words to fall
back into – a cocoon you could rest inside.
Or if I could somehow spin a web of light 
like that eight-legged one so miraculously does.  Light
that would cushion
what has grown hard in the world, in me
in you.
How it would quench me to know
that my being here has helped ease and untangle 
some of what feels bruised – broken. Maybe if
you could feel this throbbing ache, this screaming thirst inside me
you would hold yourself more tenderly, you would know that nothing
needs to be fixed – only loved.  

Really, there is nothing
I wish for more


  1. Oh, my Julia. Drinking this deeply. My thirsty heart thanks you. I love you. xoxoxo

  2. Friend, my heart hears yours. I miss you. Maybe we can meet again sometime in the next few months? Maybe a Wednesday morning? Your heart is so lovely. The care and tenderness with which you hold us all is so touching, and your poetry....ah. I am drinking deeply.

    1. Beautiful Ashley. I would absolutely love to plan a Wednesday morning date - it would be so very good to BE with you.

      Thank you for leaving your words here for me - they/you are such a sweet, sweet gift.

  3. Nothing needs fixed, only loved....the message that the entire Universe seems to be sending me today. I have heard it on Oprah's network today, read it in good books lately, and now in your beautiful poem.

    I'm grateful that You have listened and know that your task is to remind us of this Love, of this perfectness, that you are to help us remember that Love is the answer. Do you know what a precious gift that is?

    I think your wish is coming true.

    1. Deb...isn't it amazing how these messages can come all at once, from all over the place? I think the messages are always right here, it's just a matter of how close we are listening - you, my friend, are clearly a very good listener. :)

      You are a precious gift to me. Whenever you come here and leave your words, my heart fills up.

      From every little part of me, thank you.

  4. That image is so gorgeous...the sticky web waiting to catch something yummy for din. Your words calling me to center, a reminder of what is real—the truth—carrying me back to love. The soft place to land after a long day of harsh screaming judgments. Love is that place and you sweet Julia, always carry me there. Thank you for this crazy, have to do, world.

    1. I love you, Leah. Thank you for alway making me feel so heard, seen. What a gift you are to me.

  5. You are so beautiful, Julia. Your words comfort me just where I need it.


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