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Thursday, February 20, 2014

I Don't Know What This Poem Is About

After school on a Thursday as I open 
the fridge to get her a snack
she tells me that Mrs. Belle's husband died - cancer
again.  As tears spill I think about 
how she's shown up
in that classroom every day since September
teaching sixth graders about character development
and plot, how she cracked
the kids up with her funny stories
and quirky ways.  Never once
mentioning that the one
she loved best would soon
be gone. And this reminds me of my high school 
friend, the one with the four kids who is only 44, the one who should be
playing with her toddler instead of losing 
her hair.  That evening, before I tuck her in, I weep 
all over again when she shows me
the card she made with the quote
about how, when the sun goes down
the stars come out. I'm not sure 
if I'm weeping about what she lost
or what they may lose or 
how beautiful it is that they keep showing up bare 
and laughing even though the lights 
have been turned out. Or about how damn wise
my daughter is at eleven. Or maybe it's the reminder
that none of it stays. That night I fall asleep
thinking about how we need dark
to see the stars, wondering 
how much longer 
and closer my embraces might be 
if I stop assuming there will be
a tomorrow

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  1. Julia, this poem is so beautiful, so tender, reminding me of what is truly important. How others are hurting, living through such pain. My heart goes out to your daughters teacher and your friend. Life is hard sometimes.

    As always my dear friend your words bless me more than you could know. You are an amazing beautiful person.

    Love, Sarra

    1. Sarra, as always, you words and love and support touch me deeply. Thank you for taking the time to connect. Sending heaps of love your way.

  2. So beautiful. Thank you for giving me a few treasured moments today to remember what's most important. Love you.

    1. Alia, it's always so beautiful to see you here. Thank you.

      I love you, my friend.

  3. Oh Julia ~ this is so beautiful, so heart-full, so... perfect. I'm so sorry to hear about your friend ~ how amazing that in her fight she has such profound words to share? Sending you love and light xo

    1. Sending love right back to you, precious Susie.

  4. Tugging at my heart strings and bringing tears to my eyes...

    Thinking of you and your daughter and all those who are touched by the life of this one who has died...

    1. Thank you, Deb.

      I hope your day/weekend is full of overflowing beauty.

  5. Maybe it's about how unfair it is to suffer when there are so many brighter things in life.

    I'm sorry to hear these things, but as always, you manage to word it so eloquently.

    Much love xoxo

    1. I think it's about a lot of things that decided to come out (all mixed up) in one poem. :)

      Love to you, lovely Karin.

  6. Oh, Julia, how beautiful and true this poem is. I think it's about us, the big, "we are all connected - beautifully and painfully - and our ripples sometimes feel like tsunamis, and I'm so very overwhelmed and grateful for that" us.

    I am grateful for you my poem-wielding friend. Sending love to you and your girls and your daughter's teacher and your friend from high school... et al. <3

    1. Yes J, what you so beautifully said. Your way with words always leaves me in awe...

      Thank you for the love you so freely/generously give. I can't even tell you how grateful I am to be on the receiving end of YOU.

      Giant, love-filled hugs to you.


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