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Friday, April 4, 2014

Love's Strong Arms

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Today, my only prayer is this: 
Please, pretty please
 let me meet 
each thing before me
with newborn eyes. Let me know
that every 
bit of it
is divinity in disguise.

With an inhale 
that takes me all 
the way 
I wrap around this soft bodied breather, pausing
to allow her to kiss
passionately back. Naked and ready 
I drop beneath layers of words and walls
passed plans that pull 
and steal 
the new. Inside the belly 
of this one and only now, I exhale 
all that is extra, sinking – sinking
until each swimming cell in me knows
that no one, that no thing 
outside of my own poetic skin 
can save me.  I fall until I find myself 
drenched and soaking 
in springs soft 
and sheltering.  Until – finally 
I come to rest inside 
the womb 
of the most quiet 
kind of quiet.  

Rooted in the center 
of this warm earth body
kind eyes invite me
to feast and swim
like an infant
in Love's strong arms –  to fall back laughing
to fall back knowing
it is safe.  It is safe to be



  1. Oh to fall into one's own arms. To feel the safety of being one's own net, and to lean back and let go. Once again your words have carried me to the center of what is—to the safety of now and the love that abides in the chewy middle like a tootsie roll pop;) I love you my poetry writing friend. I love you so so much!


    1. "The chewy middle like a tootsie roll pop" - Leah, you have such a way with words and always make me smile --and fill with gratitude. I love you so so much too.

  2. Wow. I'm breathless. This is so beautiful, Julia. xo

    1. ((((J)))) - thank you. I hope you can feel the immensity of my love for you.

  3. Sigh. Yes. So grateful for your words today.

    1. Dear Naomi - you have such a sweet presence and I feel it fully whenever I "see" you here. So very grateful for you.

  4. I think my favorite thing about this poem is how sensual it is. So so lovely xo

    1. So interesting that you mention the word "sensual," Karin. That was the feeling I was feeling while writing this poem. I love that that came through for you. Thank you for blessing me with you.

  5. “...I exhale/all that is extra, sinking – sinking/until each swimming cell in me knows/ that no one, that no thing/outside of my own poetic skin/can save me.”

    Oh, Julia...these lines, this whole poem....oh my; what a gift to my weary heart. On a rather stressful Monday morning at work, your poem stopped me in my tracks and brought me back to myself, to my own breath. I felt myself exhaling everything weighing me down. What a beautiful reminder that at our core is love; that we need only let go of the burdens we place upon our own shoulders ("I should be, do, feel...”, etc) and let ourselves fall into Love's arms..."fall back knowing/it is safe. It is safe to be/me."

    Thank you for these gorgeous, heartfelt words, Julia. I'm filled with gratitude.

    1. Oh Jenna. And you have so blessed me this morning. In the middle of reading your words, my heart filled and then my eyes too....I had to pause and breathe your words in. I'm so very grateful that my words helped you to exhale the weight and remember your beautiful self...that is my greatest hope for my words/art - that they bring me and others back to that blessed center place.

      You have blessed me beyond words today. Sending you so much love and deep breaths.


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