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Friday, April 18, 2014

What I've Learned From the Dark

It seems we must be stripped
of the skin
of all we think beautiful
before we open to the kind of beauty
that can't go away
it seems sky must pour
and howl like it will never stop
before we notice the smile
of our own forever sun. It seems
we must hunt with starving
hungry eyes before we know
this belly is and has always been
full. It seems this wall
deep in the center must be hammered down
before we let soft, breathing hands
curl in around us.  Each drop
of dark carries
with it a candle of holy
light - with each miracle breath
we are invited to turn toward
the nearest whispering spark
and, like mama bird sheltering her baby – like a pebble
in stream's safe lap 

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  1. I have goosebumps, Julia. That last word, “listen,” is echoing softly in my mind while your beautiful words tenderly curl around my heart. I love poetry that gets under my skin, that stops me in my tracks and makes me feel my own heart beating. Your poetry does this to me every time.

    “…Each drop/of dark carries/with it a candle of holy/…light.” Yes! I love how you ensconce this beautiful image of light in tender images of safety. Turning toward the light and listening is something you beautifully imagine in terms of being held and protected —a “momma bird sheltering her baby” and “a pebble in stream's safe lap.”

    Thank you, Julia. I’m so grateful to have started my day with these words. Jenna

    1. Jenna...these words from you have touched me deeply. Thank you for so generously writing them.

      I can't think of anything more sheltering and safe then turning toward that inside light.

      Blessings and love to you, beautiful one.

  2. How can we know the Light unless we also know that Darkness?

    Your words resonate with me this morning. Deborah

    1. I'm so glad, Deb. I'm sending you a heart full of love.

  3. beautiful, julia. Kelli

  4. I love the phrase "a drop of dark"

    Beautiful poem <3

    1. Karin - thanks so much. Love to you, dear one.

  5. Replies
    1. And you must know what a sweet treat it is for me to find you here this morning.

      I hope you can feel my gratitude, precious Rachel - it's big.


  6. Oh Julia, you are my modern day Rumi... incredible. What a beautiful poem. I love how you are so unafraid to speak and lean into the dark. It makes my experience of the light so much more real and powerful.
    I love you x

  7. Julia, this poem is stunning. It lives and breathes, and has found a home within my heart—now beating together. You are magic. You are Julia. Thank you for being you.


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