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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A Brand New Soul Talk

"When I accept myself I am freed from the burden of needing you to accept me."  Dr. Steve Maraboli

Those of you who have been reading me for a while, know that my dear friend, Alia, and I used to do something called "Soul Talks." These were uncensored, real conversations Alia and I happily had, recorded and shared. Originally, because Alia lived 8,300 miles away in Bali, Indonesia, these talks were done over Skype and we just shared the audio. Well, guess what? By some series of mysterious, grace-filled events, Alia now lives twenty minutes from my house. So, last week, with an owl hooting in the background, with the summertime breeze and trees and singing birds, we recorded our very first Soul Talk sitting side by side. Our very first Soul Talk where we are sharing the video form. Yikes. Though this is definitely a bit out of the comfort zone, I am stepping more and more in to this freedom space where I care more about sharing my voice than I fear criticism.


In this episode of Soul Talks, we discuss the crippling effects of self-judgment, fear of criticism, and how we're overcoming these obstacles to freedom.

P.S:  Alia and I are in the midst of creating a brand new something else that is going to be extra magically special. Stay tuned for the big sharing. Coming very soon.  :)


  1. truly a wonderful thing to wake to this morning... with only a few moments before starting a busy day, I'm sooo glad I used them to listen <3
    waking to the essence that we all are... this piece of life, this unique expression of it
    learning to stop judging it and just being with it as it unfolds
    cheers, raised my cup at the same time
    have a wonderfilled day ladies

    peace, laughter and love

    1. Luna, thank you so much for taking the time to write these beautiful words - they really mean so much. I'm honored and grateful that you used your few minutes to listen to us. Sending so much love to you.

  2. I had this really long comment but it erased itself :/
    It went something like this:
    We have these small boxes that we try to fit ourselves into. We think we have to be perfect by our standards--but there's not really such a thing, is there?
    It's really brave to come forward and talk about these things in a video--I'd never have imagined that you could doubt your own beautiful poetry or your blog. (I've certainly had my share of doubts.) Overcoming these and admitting we aren't perfect is a big step. There will always be those inner critics and those who may not understand what you are trying to accomplish--but putting yourself out there is better than hiding it all. There is this beautifully chaotic thing called life, and you can't live it hiding in self-doubt and fear.

    Now if I can only remember this on a daily basis, I'd be in good shape :) Looking forward to more soul talks!

  3. Oh bummer, Karin! I just hate it so much when I take the time to write a comment and it mysteriously disappears. Thank you for writing your thoughts here - I couldn't agree more. And yes....if only we could remember. Moment by moment, right? Love to you.

  4. I so enjoyed listening to the two of you share your hearts and giggles. You guys crack me up! I love how real and vulnerable you are, creating a safe place for the rest of us to be our nobby selves;)
    My husband Mike and I are crawling out of a very small box together, which is leading to some very interesting changes on how we live our lives. I'll keep you posted. Meanwhile, thank you for the gift of you—two beauties whose souls are willing to speak the truth.

    You two kinda reminded me of this classic (nobby) skit. LOL!

  5. Love this and look forward to more! This talk reminds me of the quote "what others think of you is none of your business".

    1. So happy you enjoyed this, Susie. Love to you.


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