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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Your Very Own Flavor of Poetry

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I keep forgetting that I'm more
more than this aging skin - these hips
these thighs, this belly growing thicker. More than these calloused feet
that always, always insist I walk faster, farther
in some other
direction. I keep forgetting that I'm more
than these scars
made by my own punishing hands - the ones you can see
the others that run invisible through veins and tired, bleeding inner parts
I keep forgetting that I'm more than the voices
that scream can't and never - right
and wrong
more than this mind that oozes indecision, this chest that squeezes
tight - that drops me hard in the shallow
and hollow of -
I don't know

I keep forgetting that I'm only a single breath
away from breaking free
from these bars I keep finding myself pressed beneath
a quiet prayer away from remembering again
that I was put here to spit it all out
as prettily or un-prettily as it was and

On this dark airless night
the strong rock inside begs to be
invites me to repeat this verse until moon
smiles her pretty half smile, until the winged one wakes me
with her new day kiss

You came here to hum the truth 
that comes in only your 
to sit inside the arms of a moment
to find breath in each drop of dark, to skip and sip and frolic 
with every fleeting firefly
of light

You came here to give oxygen to words
to spin every stain 
and splash 
into your very own flavor
of poetry

You came here to look into your own eyes and  whisper -   Beloved

You did not come here to please, to perform, to protect 
to be better or to be 

You came here to feel 
the quake, the shake, the thirst - the love 
deep in your rooted center.  And, head bowed
arms spread in surrendered  hallelujah! - crawl 
tiptoe forward anyway
and no matter what

for this you came


  1. Yes. This. No words to describe. Feeling this deep down in my bones. This matters. Thank you.

  2. Humbling and inspiring, Julia, especially "truth that comes only in your color, " carrying this with me today, all of it, thank you. Sending love. Garrett

    1. Garrett - it's such a gift (as always) to hear from you. Knowing you are here reading and appreciating expands things so much for me and strengthens my knowing that it's important to show up and share.

      Biggest blessings to you, dear person.

  3. Yes! For this you came...and how fortunate are know, read, gaze upon the beauty you create, the beauty you are!

    A single breath, a quiet prayer. I believe yours is my favorite flavor of poetry.

    Dear friend, so much love and gratitude.

    1. Aw, Beck...these words from you made me all soft and goosebumpy. I love you, dearly.

  4. Wonderful, Sweetheart. The feeling is a mile deep - a song for our souls.

  5. I love you, Julia. Your words thrill and encourage me.

    1. The feeling is very mutual, dear Chris Boatwright.

  6. Replies
    1. Karin - blessings to you and so much gratitude. Thank you for continually showing up so fully.

  7. oh i love this julia. my heart is dancing!

    1. Beautiful heart is dancing with yours! Thank you for this dose of sweetness....medicine for my day.

  8. Julia,

    Oh this poem.

    "You came here to give oxygen to words/to spin every stain /and splash /into your very own flavor/of poetry."

    My heart leaps and says “yes” to this!

    "You did not come here to please, to perform, to protect /to be better or to be /'liked'"

    I needed these words, this reminder.

    You are a beautiful soul.

    Sending love,


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