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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Recipe for Falling in Love

The truth is 
if we slowed down 
and got close enough
we wouldn't be able to handle 
the beauty

on this summer evening, everywhere 
my eyes fall
another miracle 
stares back

giant oaks spread out like gods
big-eared bunnies munching under open sky
blackberries plump on the vine 
invite me to taste their almost sweet 
insides.  As I round the corner 
I lock eyes with three deer - all of us still 
and staring. With our eyes 
we say - I love you. Winged ones 
I cannot see sing 
their end-of-the-day lullaby

each step
lifts me higher 
until at last, breathing more deeply 
than I have in a long time
I see 

the whole wide sweeping
tree-filled valley. And then - I weep
for, truly I cannot handle the beauty 
even from this distance.  Then -
I would not make this up
a whole family of wild turkeys 
cross the trail in front of me - each one pausing
to wait for the next.  All of this

my heart 
gets to see, to feel - to memorize. With light
now fading 
I begin my long slow
walk home

slow enough to notice 
golden grass bent in prayer
slow enough 
to bend too - praying
that I will never stop 

praying that I will walk
slow enough to fall in love
again and again
and again 

even if it makes me weep 
even it feels too much to handle 

that each step draws me close
and closer still

*Photo found HERE


  1. oh Julia... soooo beautiful
    inside your words I see that beauty
    displayed in all it's glory
    I wish I could describe the way the wind
    plays with the trees, each leave in it's own dance
    in silent joy
    I stand
    in the garden
    grateful to be a part
    of this wonderful thing

    1. You just described it beautifully, dear Luna.

      I'm so grateful for you and your much needed/appreciated voice.

  2. “All of this, my heart gets to see/to feel - to memorize.”

    This is one of our greatest gifts, and it is one that can so easily get lost in the hustle and bustle of our lives. There is so much beauty waiting to fill us, if we walk slowly and drink deeply. This part of your gorgeous poem absolutely gives me chills, Julia:

    “slow enough
    to notice golden grass bent in prayer
    slow enough to bend too - praying
    that I will never
    praying that I will walk
    slow enough to fall in love
    again and again”

    I’m going to write these lovely words somewhere where I will see them often, where they will remind me to walk slowly and allow myself to fall in love over and over again. Thank you, Julia.

    1. Jenna, you are such a beautiful person. I feel like the divine waters of Jenna just poured down on me and blessed me.

      I am continually blown away by the beauty that is waiting when I slow it all down. Takes your breath away.

      So much love to you, dear hearted one.

  3. You and your words are the most sacred of gifts. Gratitude and blessings!

    1. Carla, these words from you warm me completely up. Thank you.


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