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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Abandon hope

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Abandon hope
that there is such thing
as better.

There is no dustless road
no white picket fence
does not exist.

You will continue to fold
and refold the same
pile of laundry
the dirty dishes will never
clean themselves, the grime
in the kitchen sink - the cobwebs
will come and go and come
and go. Wrinkles will come
and stay. You will never
finally get it all together.

You will continually have to say goodbye.

The childhood you were handed
however tangled
it looks from your adult eyes -
is yours. Might you spin
the splinters and scars - the hollowed out wounds
into something that shines
in your cleanly scrubbed kitchen sink?

Go outside, forget to put on socks
or shoes - lift
your face to open sky, let the cold
bite you. Let bird song sing
into your open chest. Breathe
it all in as if this is your first
or last

Assume there won't be a tomorrow
assume no thing is coming
to your rescue - assume the only thing
that can save you is to take this imperfect, hurting
beauty-filled moment by the hand
and fall in deep, deeper
than you ever have

Speak as if it's your last chance

it will feel like you will fall forever
you won't.

it will feel like no one is listening
speak anyway.

This moment is your better
your white picket fence - your knight
in shining armor

it will save you if
you stop reaching
for more or better. It will save you
if you let it


  1. Abandon hope
    that there is such thing
    as better.

    -- The wording confused me a little bit at first but this poem is quite lovely. It's easy to fall into the everyday trap of normal. We all want life to be extraordinary--I know I do--but there always seems to be so much to do. And even in all those ordinary tasks, we want to be perfect.
    Thank you for sharing this message. It speaks to many of us.

    1. Thank you, sweet Karin. I love hearing your thoughts...

  2. How beautiful, honest and uplifting, clearly wrought out of painful steps, without hope and here all your colors and all that is you shines through, Julia. Of your so many wonderful poems this is one I will carry with me especially. Thank you. <3

    1. I love picturing you carrying this with you, Garrett. So happy it spoke to you.

      Thank you, always, for your big, generous heart.


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