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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Like Trees

Imagine how colorless, how stripped
of flavor life would be if we all 
showed up perfect.  What would perfect 
even look like?  Starched white blouses
pleated black slacks, never a weed
or a tangle, sentences 
written to bland, cleaned up
perfection, on the very first draft  

No - thank you. 

This idea 
of perfection makes me nervous
makes me think it's not 
okay for me to fall. Your willingness
to stand up dripping, deep in the center 
of the storm, gives me permission 
to stand up again
and again - no matter how deep
the puddle. What I want is 

for us to lean into each other 
while our heart bleeds 
for the thousandth time - before 
we have a chance to clean up
or get rid of. I want to know what spilled 
out in that middle of the night draft 
how many times you declared it bad
before you could see the good in it - before 
you could see the God 
in it
Please - don't say the right thing 

say what's true - I don't want 
your manners, I want you 
in full, stormy, vibrant, mismatched
wrinkled, alive color. Before
you brush your hair or rub sleep 
from your tired eyes
before you catch 
your breath. I want to know 

what it is you keep hidden
tight in a drawer - what it is you keep almost 
but don't. Come 

let us walk barefoot
through weeds, through 
thick layers of tired

let's show up late and frazzled, let's 
say the wrong thing, let us confess 
that sometimes we have no idea 
where to look or  how 
to find each other or God 
or ourselves
in any of it

let's rest like trees, leaning
and listening into each other 
until the hard
of our bark softens

there is nothing
to find - only everything 
to be

*Photographer unknown


  1. Julia, thank you for this poem, a wonderful meditation on the right to be fail, the right to be imperfect, and to be. I love the words "don't say the right thing say what's true" and "let's show up late and frazzled." From me to you as many uncountable thanks as there are branches emerging from this tree. <3

    1. Garrett, you and your words bless me so. Thank you for taking the time to connect. I am forever grateful for you.

  2. “until/there is nothing/to find - only everything/to be.” … These words echo in my mind long after I finish reading your incredible poem, Julia. Thank you for your words, for your reminder that we were not put on this earth to be perfect. We stumble and we fall; we are messy and chaotic. There are an infinite number of colors passing through us, feelings and emotions that aren’t made for the confines of perfection. All too often, we try so hard to be more that we stop giving ourselves permission to just be. It’s so easy to forget that we are infinitely worthy of love exactly as we are. We miss so much in the strive for perfection.

    Thank you for this poem, this reminder, this love, Julia.

    1. "There are an infinite number of colors passing through us, feelings and emotions that aren’t made for the confines of perfection."

      Oh Jenna, this is so beautifully, perfectly (smile) said. "We are infinitely worthy of love exactly as we are." Yes, yes, yes.

      Thank you so very much for gifting me with beautiful you today.

  3. If I could even write half as good as this, I'd feel brilliant
    Love coming back here and reading your poems <3

  4. Karin, you are a beautiful woman. I hope you never underestimate the writer you are, the person you are. Sending you so much love to you today.


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