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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

41 Days of Simply Saying YES!

It's been a while since I posted about my YES-es, so I want to take a few minutes to do that, to share in the power of this big listening and moving. Whew. I'm pretty blown away.

Since I last posted, I've said YES to so many things, things that feel nurturing and filling and growing and expanding. There is MOVEMENT happening, and with that movement, great learning. I'm seeing how, without the movement part of things, I just stand in one place spinning the same tired shit around, not learning, not getting clearer. This moving has been absolutely necessary and life giving for me.

Now, for some of the YES-es...

*I had the vision to begin a private, online group, that some of you know I called "The YES Movement." Me saying yes to this, before I had many of the details worked out, was a HUGE act of trust for me. I knew I needed to move quickly on this, that if I stalled and tried to get everything perfect and in place, my mind would talk me out of it. So, the moving quickly turned out to be everything. And wow - there is great beauty happening in that sacred space already. I see so clearly that this is not at all about "little me."  When I hold my gifts back, when I don't move with them, share them, I am not serving anyone. And when I'm not sharing and giving and BE-ing all of me, I suffer hugely.

*I have said YES to getting up early on week days, before the rest of my family, to check in with myself. The last few mornings, I have gotten my butt out of bed between 5:30-5:45 to do some quiet sitting/meditation/intention setting. Oh, and - FINALLY - I have DECIDED that I WILL do yoga! I decided that I will stop thinking about it and talking about it, and actually schedule time to DO IT. This morning was my very first yoga morning (in a long, long time) and, despite the fact that I was resisting it like crazy, it was so, so so good and nurturing. Even though, I am getting a little less sleep, the energy I GET from giving myself this time is huge. I really see that creating time and space to connect to this deeper richness is - everything...and affects every part of my life. I'm amazed by how long I have resisting showing up in this way.  Deep breath. Amen to this.

*I've made a huge commitment to myself, a vow, to move forward even when I feel trembling afraid. To keep moving, to not allow the fear voice to lead the way anymore. I have very clearly let the fearful one know that SHE IS NOT IN CHARGE. This feels so good and freeing.

*I am saying YES to showing up FULLY as I am, to not hold back parts of myself - to not listen to the voice that says things "need" to look a certain way, that I'm "too" this or "too" that. I am giving myself full permission to BE FREE, to be me with abandon. This feels like a huge weight has been lifted.

Okay, that's it for now.

If you feel called to say some big, true YES-es to yourself, to your life, to a greater, more AWAKE version of YOU, I invite you to join me/us in "The YES Movement." We are in the process of making some big vows to ourselves over there, and wow - how very beautiful and freeing and life giving this is.

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With great love,



  1. Yay for YESes!

    I need a good motivation to get up and do more positive things in the morning. I'm so very guilty of sleeping in til the last second. I've heard of an app where every time I hit snooze they would make a donation--perhaps that would be a good incentive :)
    And good for you, telling the fearful part to be quiet. There is a time for fear, and a time for change. Especially in the midst of these changing seasons, a person can feel compelled to make a difference in their lives. Though it is most comfortable to stick to our daily routine, saying YES instead of NO can make all the difference.

    Of course, I'm sure you already knew that :)

  2. That's an app many of us could benefit greatly from. :)

    I so hear you, Karin. I used to sleep until the last second too...but now I see how that early morning sacred time ends up being way more valuable to me than a few extra minutes of sleep. I find that making this time for myself sets the whole tone for my day and allows me to step much more consciously through my moments. Pretty invaluable.

    I love hearing your thoughts, Karin. Thanks so much for being here.


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