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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The YES Movement

The ordinary miracles begin. Somewhere
a signal arrives: "Now," and the rays
come down. A tomorrow has come. 
your hands, lift them   William Stafford

Somewhere, a signal has arrived.

Now. Now. Now, it says. Stop waiting. Begin. Move despite the trembling. Don't wait for any of it to be perfect. Just move. 

11/11/14.  Today is a magical day. As I write this, I know I risk sounding a little out there and woo woo, but I'm learning to accept (maybe even embrace) the "out there" in me. Plus, I'm learning that I'd much rather experience magic than worry about how I may or may not appear to others. I just breathed a big sigh of relief with that last line.  

For years now, I've thought of repeating 1s as being a sign that the divine is present, a nudge that says: 

Listen, are you paying attention? There is beauty here. Right here. Right now.

Of course, there is always beauty right here, right now. But sometimes (like constantly) we need reminders. And for me, seeing repeating 1s is one of those reminders that brings me back to the magic that is here and now. 

Which is why I have chosen today to share my new thing with you, my thing that feels like way more than a thing and more like a divinely guided something. 

*                    *                    *

Two nights ago, at two-something in the morning, after a long several weeks of feeling some pretty deep, paralyzing discomfort, I woke suddenly with a clarity I've rarely experienced. 

For weeks (years?) I've been urgently praying (begging) for guidance, wanting so much for some clarity to come through on how to best serve in this world, and what some next steps might be. 

And then, in this middle-of-the-night moment, clarity came. In a very quick flash of insight, I was shown just what I was to do next. I was shown that I would create a space, a group, that was clearly to be called, "The Yes Movement." A private, safe space, for you and me, where we can openly name and declare and share and CELEBRATE our YES-es - those things that won't leave us alone, the nudges that feel like way more than nudges. The "it" we know, even if we've forgotten we know, that is calling.

What is that thing stamped into 
your bones-that thing that won't stop 
calling your name?  

The YES Movement is for those of you ready to say a big, brave, naked YES to that thing stamped into your bones, that thing that won't stop calling your name. Or, if you're not sure what that thing is yet, it's about peeling off the layers of heavy that hides the brilliance. 

This will be a safe, beyond-safe space to hold out our hands and receive and give, to give and receive, this downpour of gifts that is always, always right here.

Several years ago, the first time I did "41 Days of Simply Saying YES," I wrote (with great excitement) the following...

I'm moving toward what moves me, what quickens my pulse, what excites and enlivens and invigorates and calms and quiets and inspires and whispers and nudges and empowers.  I'm saying YES to all that makes me giddy and all that makes me want to twirl and spin and skip and maybe do the Tango or the Two-Step or something.  

I'm saying YES to my intuition and my desires.  To Love.  And gratitude.  And kindness and softness and surrender.  And presence.  And deep breaths.  To moving slowly and accepting fully.  To giving and healing and opening and allowing and receiving.  To abundance galore! and twinkling little stars and chirping, little birdies.  And blossoming.  And lingering a little longer.

To feeling the fear and doing it anyway.  And Trusting.

I'm saying -  no, thank you - to little mind, and YES to all of the above.  

So, YES!  This is what this group is about.  

Last night when I was excitedly explaining (or trying to explain) to my husband what "The YES Movement" would be. He asked - How would this be different from your blog?

Good question. Let me see if I can explain...

I often have way, way more that I want to share, but feel I can't (or don't want to) share openly here in this space. I've wanted (but haven't been able to envision) so much to have a space where I can just open up fully and share with abandon. 

This new space feels like a place I can do that. A space where I, and all the beauties who join me, can open up wide and love and support each other. 

It's really a space of great love.

Okay, now for my not favorite part, a few details. And there will only be a few because this is going to be a wide open group, which means I/we will be feeling into it as I/we go along. This is going to be a group that happens in real time. We will feed off each other's energy and feel into what's next. 

I don't want to have a plan with this. I want to let it all unfold with great, organic, divinely guided goodness.


*WHERE?  This will be a private/secret Facebook group that only those who privately message me, can join. No one else will have access to this group.

*WHAT?  I will be sharing very openly on the Facebook page, sometimes in the form of writing, sometimes in the form of videos. I will be sharing my YES-es, all that I'm moving toward, as well as the struggles that will inevitably come.  And inviting you to do the same. This will be a community of great, love-filled support. The rest of the whats will reveal themselves as we go along...

*COST?  So, here's the thing about cost. In that middle-of-the-night moment, it was made very clear to me that this would be very open. That, rather than setting a definite price, I would open it up to donations. Not donations in the charity sense of the word, but in the beautiful gift of giving and receiving, receiving giving. The art and abundance of circulation.

In other words, people can feel into how much (or how little) they can/want to contribute. 

If someone isn't able to pay anything right now, that is okay, more than okay. Maybe they can pay later. 

This money part of things is an opportunity to feel into your YES...what is that nudge saying? Close your eyes, breathe deeply - ask.

I am at the point in my life where I have a deep, deep desire to serve and also to feel abundant around money. I am really opening around the idea that this is a possibility. This asking feels like a necessary and important part of my opening and growing and shifting around money. Another one of my YES-es.

I know that money is meant to be circulated freely, and with LOVE. That it's meant to be given and received, received and given.  There is no lack. There is no lack. When we shift from a lack-focus, to an abundance-focus - everything shifts. I know this to be true. 

So, having said that, I will have a "Gift to the YES Movement" button available below. Please feel very free to pay what you feel called to pay. Or, like I said, if paying isn't something you can do right now, that's perfectly okay too.  

Is there something inside you saying YES to this? If so, please email me at and tell me (in just a couple of sentences, or more if you'd like) why you'd like to be a part of this magic. I will happily add you to the group. Or you can leave your "why" below in the comment section, along with your email address, and I will go ahead and add you to the group as soon as I can.  Easy peasy.

I am so sure that this is going to be a beautiful thing and I would love, beyond love, to have you join me/us.

So, before I have time to get scared and think I need to work out way more of the details, and overthink all of this (and maybe change my mind) - may the YES-es begin!  

I can feel the magic already.



  1. Replies
    1. Deb, this is one magical YES. So, so happy you've decided to join us.

  2. Yes!!! And I love that not only was this posted on 11/11, it was posted at 11:11 ~ now to go find my debit card!

    1. Yes...all those 1s were very divinely planned. :) I love that you are now officially a "YES" sister, beautiful Susie.

  3. Oh, Julia. <3 times eleventy million. I'm in. xo

    1. "Eleventy million" are now my two new favorite words, J. Woooohooo to YES-es!

  4. To live a life full of yes--
    That's a commitment for only the best.
    To throw yourself into the fray,
    To take your chances every day,
    To do the unthinkable, the unknown,
    To dare to chase dreams on your own--
    That is a life full of yes, full of you.
    Stepping outside your comfort zone
    Is worth the risk if you're not alone.
    You're in good company, why not try
    To take the opportunities before they pass by?
    A life full of yes is a positive one,
    So before you say no, consider the fun--
    Consider the challenges that lie ahead
    And reconsider the decisions you dread.
    There's nothing more powerful
    Than saying yes--
    Especially in the name of love.

    1. YES YES YES! So beautiful and FULL of life, Karin. Really just beautiful. Thank you for this.

    2. Aw thank you. I thought it sounded kind of stupid after I read back through it, but not posting it would have defeated the point of saying Yes.


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