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Friday, September 11, 2015

Looking for Home

Is there anything more beautiful 
than to sit inside this here 
holding pen and notebook
bare feet resting 
on the kind, green ground
watching clouds hum 
above this homesick

Is there anything more 
beautiful than to stop, to empty mind 
of befores and afters - to listen
to the silent secrets
today holds, to hand over 
the heavy 
to bigger arms

Darling, one-of-a-kind 
beloved, dying-to-be-free human
let your heart burst open wide
to this truth - 

there is only one 
you. There is only one 
now. And - can you hear this? You are already

Is there anything more beautiful?


  1. How sweet, I felt inspired to click on your blog today, and look what I find?! You are here too! I echo my earlier comments from FB, you are pure beauty, tenderness, and precious wide-open, Love. Thank you for your beautiful creations about a place within us called Home.

    1. Brooke, you are an amazing human. I'm so lucky to have you in my life. Thank you, always, for loving me so well. xoxo

  2. This is lovely, and a perfectly timed reminder to me. I agree with Brooke and couldn't possibly say it better than she has. You are a gift and I am grateful for you. xo

    1. J, what a beautiful surprise to find you here. I miss you like crazy and look forward to catching up with all the beauty you are creating (which is very hard to keep track of because there is SO much!). Now that my girls are back in school I may have a few moments to reconnect with this amazing online world.

      I love you dearly, my friend. It's truly an honor to be on this earth with you.


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